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Random Johnathan Thomas Sighting


Searching for some CD’s and came across a strange ebay posting. Grade or some other Burlington band must have hawked this CD for food or ??? on tour in Indianapolis. Could the seller have done something more than check the CD for scratches? Did they venture a listen to both bands on the split CD? Both bands made decent recordings here in Toronto (at Umbrella Sound and Signal to Noise). From the listing the seller has no idea “who” these bands are. That’s what makes it cool and funny at the same time.

Sprucehill / Johnathan Thomas is a 1990’s emo CD. It’s not horrible but it was hardly a fan favourite of the HeartAttack crowd or those looking for the next Earth Crisis or Chokehold. Chokehold are (were) amazing but diverse tastes meant my first band sounded more like to Braid, Christie Front Drive and other emo bands emerging at the time. More melodic than heavy. The fact that a CD webstore is offering it up is interesting but they are charging quite a sum for their jurassic find.

Pretty shocked to see this old “local hero CD” selling for more than double what it sold for back in the day here in the GTA. I’m sure Kyle Bishop would get a laugh and a half. He of course played in Johnathan Thomas (his first band playing guitar instead of focusing on only vocals). Kyle’s artwork is on the cover too. Perhaps if this were known the CD would go for even more…haha!

If Burlington/Toronto post-hardcore, GRADE side projects or musical curiousity is your thing, hit ebay. That or perhaps dig at the bottom of the used CD bin for your glimpse of Sprucehill and Johnathan Thomas.

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