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Internet At Full Throttle?

The debate continues. Groups like Save Our Net have been advocates for changes in legislation. Currently internet providers appear to be charging for high speed connections then throttling down user connection speeds. “Traffic shaping”, the providers argue, is necessary to allow some users from monopolizing the network. In principal the only time resources would be minimized would be to reduce the threat of viruses or malware. Many see ISP measures like these as efforts to steer the internet away from the essence of net neutrality; core principals of democratic participation and free speech.

With digital TV already replacing analog in some jurisdictions one can see that a new digital media battle is being waged. Will your internet service become yet another version of cable tv? Could traffic shaping and user fees limit access to information, social networks or the number web pages visited per month? Could shaping help fight piracy or make it thrive?

One thing is for sure. Public consultations with the CRTC will determine whether traffic shaping should continue or in what form. Petitions and opposition up to this point have provided this avenue for public input. Speak out or get throttled.

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