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Whoa! What are you doing? What the people want?

Sad to see that only 59% of Canadians went out to vote. The distressing thing is that many seats were determined by a slim margin of votes. Amazing considering the times we are facing but apathy must be high.

By Monday we could see Dion announce whether he continues to be Liberal leader. Some are calling for Harper’s head after not producing a majority even after pushing the election button early but I don’t expect that to happen too soon.

Most people want the powers that be working for the needs of the voters; transit, jobs and the economy as opposed to abstract issues like Senate reform. That would seem to ring true for most in Toronto as transit infrastructure is badly needed. If parliament was unproductive last time I can only guess the confidence vote/ransom notes will be passed even sooner this time around.

At least the Ontario government is saying that they will focus on fighting poverty while being mindful of spending cuts and program delays. Hey Stevie, people will like you more if you actually DO something for them. We are in an unprecedented market meltdown, put down your parliamentary structure wishlist for a second. Suddenly I don’t feel well. Perhaps we have another election coming up.


The largest point drop ever! The TSX is hurting after news in America spooked the market. Is the sky falling? Not sure just yet but it I’m sure it will be a bumpy ride. Some economists saying we have 3 quarters worth of slow to negative growth ahead in Canada. OUCH!

Praying for the best. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the debates. Jack Layton, in Toronto campaigning, called for a meeting of all parties on the potential Canadian crisis but this was rejected.

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