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Wheelers, Dealers, Thieves and Crooks…

I’ve heard first hand about some wheelers and dealers in Toronto and their love of rock star nights on the town. Not to say that all patrons of Toronto’s fine venues are thieves and crooks, but not everyone can wine and dine themselves with $10,000+ diners and afford that lifestyle through legal means.

The Toronto Star has an interesting article regarding some drama after a night at Harbour 60. This article may shed some light on the lenient sentence Rahim Jaffer after facing charges of drunk driving and cocaine possession. Although Jaffer may have boasted insider influence in the past but the Conservatives are denying any ties to him at present.

As a whole it is disturbing how tough on crime we appear to be but how soft things are for white collar criminals. Time will tell whether any justice will be served. Unfortunately crime knows not of a recession.

A Most Tragic Accident

I always cringe when I hear about a bicycle or pedestrian accident. The latest high profile incident featuring Michael Bryant is no exception.

Road rage gone horribly wrong?! I’m sure a major investigation is not required to figure that out. Whether alcohol or other factors are at play here there is no doubt that this incident, among about 1,000 that occur every year, was preventable. It never matters “who’s fault” a minor faux pas on the streets is caused by. The key is minor driver vs. driver (or bike or pedestrian) mistakes don’t escalate into the death, trauma or damage to those who share the roads. Considering how this case escalated I hope people can recognize how fast things can go so wrong.

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