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What’s your favorite Toronto Landmark 2?


Last week we started our quest to find MB Toronto reader’s Top T-dot Landmark. The results are in and the CNE’s Princes’ Gates (NOT PRINCESS!) is the winner of the first group beating out Union Station, Old City Hall and Gooderham’s Flatiron.

This week Gooderham gets another stab at it along side his buddy Worts as their Distillery District has made it in our second grouping along with The King Edward Hotel, St Lawrence Hall, Maple Leaf Gardens and the Sunnyside Pavilion.

This week I have also included some links for further information on these landmarks. Do you have a landmark in mind? Leave a comment and well get it on our list. Happy voting…

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Gooderham and Worts Distillery photo by manfus on flickr
King Edward Hotel photo by echerup on flickr
St Lawerence Hall photo by Metrix X on flickr
Maple Leaf Gardens photo by Michael Clesle on flickr
Sunnyside Pavilion by imnop88a on flickr

How well do you know your Canadian History


Found this on City News website…Enjoy

Could You Pass This Canadian History Quiz?

Photo By PhyIG on Flickr

What’s Happening?


Will we see the Red Rockets turn to Green Rockets if the province takes over the TTC? Reports have played down the take over and everyone is saying no, it won’t happen. Oh yea, it’s going to cost me 100 dollars plus to buy a metropass to ride into Yorku everyday. Thank goodness for York’s staff discount. How do feel about a GO-TTC combo? Holla back…

Bill Gates’ buddies at Microsoft are so addicted to Facebook they are buying a piece of it. Soon a Facebook window will pop up as MSN IM does when you turn on your computers. I wonder if Toronto is still the Facebook Capital of the world. By the way Metroblogging has a Facebook group setup. So do MB San Jose, Vancouver, Portland and Istanbul. Good to know…

SimToronto is coming to MB Toronto. What is SimToronto? Well, for the longest time I enjoyed playing SimCity, a video game by Electronic Arts that allows users to create and control cities. Urban design is fun but it seems even more exciting when you see you creation come to life. Users control everything from layout, zones, taxes, transportation education, by-laws and everything else you can think of. SimToronto is temporarily being posted on my personal blog , it will have its own home soon. It have also been a previous reoccurring post on BlogTO. It has now made its move to MB Toronto.

The trash talking has begun for our friends at MB Denver who have called out the folks at MB Boston guaranteeing a victory for the Colorado Rockies over the Boston Redsox. Oh yea by the way, the Redsox thrashed the Rocks 31-1 in the series opener. Orange County, we have not forgotten. The Ducks are Champs!

MB Toronto is looking for teamates! Interested in showcasing your creative skillz through writing, blogging or photography? Email me we’ll talk about it…

Photo by: Tyson Williams – Metroblogging Toronto Flickr Group

Metroblogging Toronto Snubbed by Toronto LIfe


In last months issue of Toronto Life there was a small blurb comparing Toronto’s four major blogs BlogTO, SpacingToronto, Torontoist and Torontopedia. The Torontoist was good enough to post about it. To my surprise Metroblogging Toronto was left out. I could see why maybe MB Toronto did not make the list but here are a few reasons why Toronto blog readers should get to know MB Toronto a little bit more.

MB Toronto has been around just as long as the big three (Is Torontopedia a blog or information/Wiki site that anyone can edit?), posting our first post on October 1st 2004.

So far, in the month of October we have had over 12 000 visiters viewing over 19 000 pages.

Now how big is the Metroblogging Network? The MB network is a global network spanning across 50 countries across the world. Some contributing world wide cities include: Bangkok, Karachi, Manila, London, Paris, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro. There are over 30 US cities that include the big ones New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco. The Canadian content includes Montreal, Vancouver and us, Toronto. Click here for a full list.

Who is reading MB Toronto posts? When we look at the stats it’s mostly our friends south of the border checking out what’s happening in and around our city. So far in October, of the 19 000 visited pages roughly 14 000 were visited by Americans while only 1560 were Canadians. So from the looks of it we don’t seem to be too popular with our own but a great resource of others around the world.

Are we Hippster Yuppies, Geeks who seem to know everything or next-gen Jane Jacobites ready for urban transformation? Maybe a little of each but for sure we are regular Torontonians who love to write about our city no matter what the issue.

So why were we not included on Toronto Life’s list of Major Toronto Blogs? Who knows and who cares. We seem to be doing well for ourselves, the numbers show people are interested in what we have to say. So a big shout out goes to the regulars who continuously stop by for a visit. Thanks, you’re what keeps us going. Tell us what you think, holla back…

Taxali – Going Gone…


Magic Pony Gallery is always a treat. Gary Taxali’s solo exhibition ran through the month of September if you were lucky to see it. If not you can always learn more on TAXALI’s WEB PAGE.

Random Acts of Kindness Never Hurt

I was happy to save my Montreal friend from terror and confusion Saturday afternoon. His ride dropped him off in front of bustling Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Not the easiest place to navigate in the best of times, especially someone unfamiliar with the city of Toronto.

Piled my friends gear into my car and gave them a lift into the city and treated them to a hearty lunch at Buddha’s. After and chilling in Kensington a bit accomodations were sought. Couldn’t offer my couch so we were on a Hostel, and if need be, a Hotel search. With Saturday afternoon upon us and the unsettling buzz of TIFF in the air we knew we were in for a challenge.

Torontoist Survey: Some Observations

A few observations on summary results to date of the Torontoist TTC survey:

It’s mostly the 34 and under crowd taking the survey. Some may interpret it to mean the college crowd or those who can’t afford cars crowd are the only ones answering the questions. That’s not necessarily the case because many in that age group will be working full time, yet no one has ticked off driving their own car as an alternative to the TTC which seems to skew the results…or maybe the primary TTC user is one who doesn’t have a car and is forced to use the system… So tell your older friends and family and those with cars who also use the TTC to take this survey!

What lucky duck gets to their destination in less than 30 minutes, or even more amazing, less than 10?! There’s only one destination I can do that in, otherwise not a hope. Sigh.

Who can afford a 25¢ fare increase? I’d like their income, if you don’t mind! If these are assumed to be all college and high school students, how do they get that kind of increase in income/allowance/grant to cover that bigger fare? That’s a hefty percentage increase to swallow on top of the already high fares. That would be 50¢ more for just one return trip.

Interesting that the biggest choices for where to raise taxes have to do with cars. Some may interpret that as because the survey takers don’t have cars, so these tax increases would not affect them. One could also interpret it as having the TTC’s competition, for users and for road space, pay for it.

Not one Wheel-Trans user has taken the survey. Given that it has real issues, it’s a shame those users either don’t know about or cannot take this survey. If you know a Wheel-Trans user, encourage them to take this survey. It’s fast and is a chance to get their voice heard!

T. Eaton does Ebay


46 T. Eaton Co. Stereoview cards (c. 1905 Toronto) were sold on Ebay today for a total of $52.82. These cards are very rare and describe what it was like to work for Eatons from every angle. Department stores these days are nothing like what they use to be. Sometimes you can find some prety neat things on Ebay

To see these cards in greater detail click here.

Caribana Goers: They are watching you!


A significant number of video surveillance cameras will be installed throughout the downtown core this week in anticipation of potential crime and bad behavior during the Caribana festivities. At least that’s what the Toronto Police services are saying. Caribana organizers are not too pleased but hey, who’s paying most of the bill for this event? Cops are always tough on us Caribana goers every year with or with out surveillance cameras.

This 2 million dollar pilot project to introduce street surveillance was approved back in February. The Toronto Police has said these security cameras will be tested on a large public, downtown event before any decision is made weather to keep them on our streets permanently.

Now my question is, how many large public, downtown events have we had before Caribana? I could count many. All of the ones I can count were much smaller in size but still a large public event. These would all have been easier and better test cases for these cameras. But then again, there aren’t much people who fit the Toronto Police Services’ description of a gang banger at the Taste of the Danforth or the Molson Indy or even a similar size event like Pride weekend, huh?

But of course there’s always that good old saying , if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, then it’s probably a duck right? Try telling the Toronto Police Services differently and you will be surprised what happens. So Bill Blair, as you go duck hunting this weekend with your “Test Security Cameras” good luck, because I’m going to party hard and you won’t be able to catch this old duck.

Photo by Kevin Steel on Flickr

The best laid plans…

What the TTC system will look like once the mayor has decided that the city has “saved enough money”

From this year’s early TTC “plans” and concurrent announcement that the city was almost broke, to the recent “cut” thoughts.. well Toronto should be used to this. The TTC is used more as a punching bag than by its riders for its true use.

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