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PLACE HANDS Rock Out With Their New CD


Tonight PLACE HANDS have a CD launch party at the Savannah Room with ETAOIN SHRDLU and ANCESTORS.  Should be amazing.  Only $5 at the door but that doesn’t include the earplugs.

Savannah Room294 College Street
Toronto, ON M5T 1R9, Canada
(416) 975-0845
Just $5 at the door

Lula Lounge – Hosting a Burma Relief Concert TONIGHT!!!

Tonight the Lula Lounge are hosting a Burma Relief Concert in aid of the International Burmese Monks Organization.  Should be a great show featuring Sunshine State, Jesse Cook, and Arts & Crafts artist Jason Collett. All funds raised will be directed to Buddhist monks in Burma and not to the Government in Myanmar.

MAY 20th 2008
1585 Dundas St. W., west of Dufferin


Long Weekend Dashing for the US of A.


Finally I am Back!  It’s been awhile but I am back.  After having a baby and work picking up it seems so hard to find time to blog.  Well, I am here but not for long.  Meaning I am heading to the good (some would argue against that) US of A.  It’s family reunion time which also means a road trip. Yay!  Hmmm, makes you wonder though how much of us actually take the trek to spend a long weekend down south with a drive from Toronto.  Gas prices have really taken us hostage.  Is it really worth it to drive to Buffalo anymore to save a few bucks?  Personally I don’t think so.  Plus, I think we got better chicken wings.  Oh yea one more thing, we got NFL football now!     

TTC Back to Work For Now?

At 3pm this afternoon the TTC could be back in service. It’s expected that the legislature will unanimously pass back to work legislation (Liberals, NDP and Conservatives. On Sunday no less!). Hoping the Monday commute will be OK too and that we see a swift end to the strike! The meeting is due a 1:30pm. We can only hope!

Tory Adscam Saga Continues

Well the Liberals got in bed with shady advertisers to try and keep Quebec in Canada.  Looks like the Conservative Party may have topped them by using the help of Retail Media Inc (and others) to overspend to help win their election campaign.  It’s not surprising that the list of  candidates suspected of receiving ad funding due to creative accounting were in Quebec and in the GTA.  Many tight races for sought after seats, duh.

The allegations are that the federal Conservatives deliberately skirted election financing laws.  Basically they claimed tax rebates at the expense of taxpayers for ad expenses that local candidates were not entitled to.  Stealing your money to steal your votes.  Hmm, what do you think would happen to you if you filed for deductions you weren’t entitled to?

Aparently some Toronto candidates, felt the interpretation of the ad spending and flow of funds was unethical.  If the RCMP are involved there is likely some fire behind the smoke and mirrors.  So far Mr. Harper said that “we always follow the law as we understand it“.  Elections Canada, the RCMP and some Toronto voters will want to better understand what that means in the coming days.  In the end it reinforces the assumption that Markerting and Advertising people are slimier than the greasiest politician.

The Power of Metal

IIIIt was reassuring that Toronto hit it’s Earth Hour targets last night but Toronto has no shortage of power.  I was lucky enough to catch CURSED on Friday night as they ventured from Toronto into the Hamilton.  They are definitely back with a  vengeance.

CURSED have recently released Architects of Troubled Sleep (on Goodfellow Records).  The album features the amazing artwork of John Dyer Baizle  and adds to their already impressive catalog.  I got word today, for anyone under 19 that missed Friday’s show or the CD release at Lee’s Palace, they’re playing at Sonic Boom records (Bathurst & Bloor, Toronto) at 5pm. The show is free but it’s a benefit for the Friends For Life bike rally for people in Toronto living with AIDS.   A worthy cause, an amazing band. 

Women to Women

A friend of mine is a walker and she told me about an event this coming International Women’s Day at the Glenn Gould Studio. It sounded cool and as someone who’s interested in Women’s Issues, I implore you to check it out online @

A bunch of folks are going to be there from “Evelyn Hart, poet Karen Haffey, and storyteller and event coordinator Sue Kenney. Kiernan Antares will perform an author reading accompanied by a drummer, and dancers from the Vesnianka Ukrainian Dance Ensenble will perform. Anna MacKay-Smith is the Director of the Women To Women show.”

Anyway, it’s $45 a ticket. See you there.

Brown Leather Shoe ISO Guy Missing Shoe

Lost shoe in snow bank

I found this shoe at the Tim Horton’s parking lot near Pearson Airport on Airport Road. What was curious to me is that it was not covered in snow, leading me to wonder how fast you have to try to run in the snow for a shoe to fly off and for you to not notice or care. I suppose after enough time in the snow, you may not have a need for it anymore.

Hey, Toronto – tell me the truth. What’s with abandoned shoes we see all over the place? I even once saw an abandoned roller blade in San Francisco once. You’d think someone would notice that. How do shoes come to be in this condition?

PostSecret in Toronto?

There must be an art gallery in Toronto who would love to host the PostSecret International Art Exhibition. The Winnipeg Art Gallery currently has it till 10 February 2008. And according to the PostSecret Community website, there’s an opening for the next 8 weeks after Winnipeg.

So I guess this is a call to the Toronto Art Gallery owners out there. If you enjoy PostSecret as much as I do (and I know you do because I’ve seen the post cards you’ve left at the Chapters Indigo stores around the city), then let’s bring it here for other Torontonians to discover and enjoy.

MB Toronto is looking for Authors


Yes that’s right, Metroblogging Toronto is looking for authors to assist in sharing the good news of our great city. If you like our vibe and want to be a part of it give us a shout. If you like our vibe but think you can bring some new flavor to the dish we’ll take your recipe. If you love everything about our city and need to express yourself this is the place to do so.

We are currently looking for bloggers who can post about life in Toronto a few times a week. Since MB Toronto is part of the Original City Blog Network, your audience will not only consist of your fellow Torontonians but bloggers from around the world.

You will get paid the same amount that all us MB writers get, nada. We love our city so much we write for free. Its fun and you’ll love it! Just don’t get caught writing for us during you regular job or during your studies. We don’t compensate if you get low grades or if you get fired. Trust me, I have come close. We have a wonderful team who are very excited about adding a few new team members.

To join Metroblogging Toronto please visit our application site [mb] or email me at

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