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Human River Walk – TODAY!

Wear blue and head on over to Christie Pits at 1pm for the HUMAN RIVER WALK. The Human River Walk is a free guided tour with different speakers, arts, crafts and music for the whole family. The walk follows the path of Garrison Creek which still flows under the city of Toronto.

As mentioned in my earlier post a great way to spend a sunny Sunday and learn about the environment in your own backyard. There will be an art show and mini reception around 4 to 4:30pm at the end of the walk at Fort York – Blue Barracks.

Human River Walk and Art Show
Sunday October 21st
Starts at 1pm at Christie Pits Park – Pavillion
Ending at Fort York – Blue Barracks

more info:

It’s all in the details


The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is Canada’s first marble Hindu Temple. An absolute marvel! Built by 2000 volunteers using ancient Vedic techniques the structure spans some 95,000 square feet. The construction methods are astounding considering there was no use nails or steel. The 24,000 pieces of Italian marble and Turkish limestone were precision carved and assembled like a massive puzzle. Even the relief on certain ceilings and doors are hand carved. Best of all this structure is not only a place of Hindu worship, it also houses a museum open to the public. Though 2 years in the making and officially open just over a month the temple is getting a wealth of attention (rightly so!).

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
61 Claireville Drive, Toronto,
ON M9W 5Z7
Tel: 416 798 2277
Fax: 416 798 7798

Mandir and Museum open to visitors from 9am – 6pm daily throughout the year.

Cameras in Toronto

I blame Flickr.

Have you noticed lately the proliferation of cameras in Toronto? I’m not talking security cams, staring down at us from rectangular prisons or watching cyborg-like from big round houses. I’m talking the little point and shoots, the old film SLRs, the newer digital SLRs, all being carried around and aimed by Torontonians of both genders and almost all ages. No longer can you say for certain that that camera-toting person is a tourist. Now we Torontonians have become tourists, photography tourists, in our own city. It’s fun. It’s neat. And we’re the best thing that’s happened in years to promote tourism to Toronto.

How Could You Miss Wakestock???

Unless you were under a rock or ducking for cover you would have known Wakestock 2007 hit Toronto this weekend. From Hip Hop to Punk, skateboarding to wakeboarding, Moto X to surf wear to the Reef Girls Bikini contest there was a lot to see.

Saturday probably had the best line up of events and music though today’s Skateboard and Wakeboard finals were no joke. Locals Lee Yankou and Morgan Smith will be among the amateurs competing in the skateboard contest finals today. Hip Hop heavyweights Del and De La Soul were a welcome addition to the list of bands. GTA’s The End had an amazing set on the Indie Stage Saturday. The Deftones had some minor sound trouble at the start of their set but went on with their usual amazing wall of sound. The legendary Chad Muska had the crowd chearing at the Element Skateboard street course. Didn’t get to ask him about what was was like living next door to Paris Hilton a few years back but i digress… Fellow team Element Skateboard teammates Chad Tim Tim and Levi Brown also were tearing it up despite the heat. No body could touch Montreal’s Casey MacDonald on the mini-ramp. He took 1st place handily. Flying Motorcycles, beer, food and the Reef Girls provided distractions from above. Oh yeah there was wakeboarding too.

If you missed out this year don’t make the same mistake next year!

Toronto’s 31st Homicide in 2007

As Jordan Manner’s family leads hundreds of Torontonians in a rally against guns, the police search for the murderer who gunned down Jose Hierro Saez this past Saturday.

Thomson Park

I used to hang out at this park all the time during high school (well, there and at the back of schools trying to get an ollie down…) and haven’t visited it in a little while now. I have fond memories of it though in all times of year.

(ok, really it is called Thomson Memorial Park…)

Doors Open experience

For years I have missed the Doors Open weekend (the one where you get to visit buildings and other sites around Toronto, get a glimpse of the less-well travelled areas) and was determined to NOT repeat myself this year. Unfortunately I worked on Saturday (12 hour shifts too) so I missed out on things like the TTC’s Lower Bay station.

CN Tower: A Giant Glowstick

Shh. This is supposed to be a secret so you better keep it better than I did.

Weekend to Discover Toronto

Of course today marks the start of DOORS OPEN and Sunday is the start of this year’s round of Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market.

Discover / Rediscover the city!

Doors Open Toronto

I remember my first time. It was my first year of university and I was lost downtown. Didn’t know much about downtown in those days, you see. I was looking for a U of T building, a science one. When I walked in to this old, distinguished looking building, I remember seeing a group of Engineering students talking about checking out other places.

What other places? I asked myself. I saw a flyer on a nearby table. “Doors Open Toronto,” it said.

I spent the day walking around, getting to know downtown; old and new buildings, each with their own personality.

I don’t remember which particular buildings I saw that day. There was a church, and a 19th century house. What I do remember is the sense of awe I felt. That day was the first time I realized that this city, our city, our Toronto, has a rich history.

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