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Wakestock Saturday = WETstock

tj_treflip.jpg  wake_slide.jpg Toronto Island’s weather turned ugly Saturday.  What originally appeared to be a cooler sunny day soon changed.  Much of the qualifying runs were laid out on the skateboard and wakeboard courses and then it happened.  A fierce afternoon thunderstorm started and many took shelter. The quick and the lucky scattered to pavilions around Toronto Island, others bolted straight to the ferry docks.  Some however were not so lucky.

Not everyone had the piece of mind not to hide under trees or lucky enough to be away from some of the metal fences.  At least two people were struck by lightening, one right across from the booth where Silverstein were signing autographs.  Thanks to the Emergency staff on hand as well as the Police and Fire boats dispatched to the island everyone was OK and the event was able to continue.

A few hours later you could hardly image how bad the weather had been moments before.  Barring the drenched pavement and grass of course.  Everyone had to make the most of it.

puddleparty.jpg tactics.jpg  wetwalk.jpg 

Classified dusted off the crowd and kicked things off on the main stage once the rain subsided.  Silverstein were awesome and powered through a shortened but intense set.  Hot Water Music were also a treat to see live.  The good weather whether held out into the early evening and RZA and GZA gave the masses a long awaited and stacked set, just fashionably late.

wu_5473.jpg  wu_5509.jpg

So glad that the sun came back, even if the puddles were far from gone.  Wasn’t keen on mud sliding/diving, just thankful no puddles or muddy sinkholes claimed my footwear.  Tomorrow is another day.  Hoping WETstock ended Saturday and Wakestock continues where it left off…

Wakestock 2008 – Kicks off TODAY!!!

Wakeboarding, skateboarding, music and motorcross hit the Toronto Islands as Wakestock kicks off today and runs until Sunday.  The threat of rain appears to be subsiding and it will take more that that to dampen the excitement.

Wu Tang’s RZA and GZA are among the acts due to play!  MetricSilversteinDillinger Escape Plan and Hot Water Music are also on the bill.  Punk, Alternative, Hardcore and Hip Hop are well represented.  If that isn’t enough there are several afterparties.  Saturday’s Sound Academy is sure to be hectic with a Bud Light Bikini contest and DJ sets by K-OS and Lil Jaz.

Let the games begin…

Action Sports and Music Festival
July 24 – 27
Toronto Island 

Rob Piontek – Remembered and Celebrated

Rob Piontek was an accomplished skater who was tragically killed by a hit and run driver while walking home last August.  Thursday afternoon marks the Grand Opening of the Skateboard Park built in his honour.  Great to see the city building more and more parks for youth.

Come out and celebrate the life of a great person at your new favourite park.


Rob Piontek Memorial Skatepark – GRAND OPENING
Courtice Community Complex
2950 Courtice Road
Thursday July 24th
@ 12:30pm – BBQ and Skateboard Session
(Call Alcatraz Skateshop for more details at 905 697-1744)     

Dave Nolan as seen by Harry Gils (larger than life)


I saw this massive skateboard pic of Dave Nolan near Yonge and Dundas.  While the shop posting this massive ad doesn’t even sell skateboards at least it’s by a Toronto photographer (Harry Gils) and is shot here in Toronto.

Lord of the Lines

Matix Clothing’s Lord of the Lines makes a stop this weekend at “Poyner Park” this Saturday. Lord of the Lines is great idea for a skateboard contest. The elements are simple. One flatbar, ledge and manual pad. Best set of tricks on all three in one line wins. Good luck!


Lord of the Lines Contest

Saturday, July 12th

Scadding Skateboard Park
707 Dundas St. W, Toronto ON

Starts at 4pm. Best line on flat bar, manny pad & up ledge.

Toronto is Baseball!


The Toronto Star released their picks for the Top 25 Greatest Toronto Sports moments over the last 25 years. Not surprisingly Joe Carters game 6 home run to win the 1993 World Series got top honors. Baseball! My question why do we as Toronto sports fans tend to forget about baseball. It’s been around before our beloved hockey team won anything. The hockey guys even stole the name Maple Leafs from our very successful baseball club. What is it about baseball that turns us off? Maybe there are way too many games in a season to keep us interested. Whatever the reason, baseball always makes for great moments especially here in Toronto. Baseball is big and it always seems to get bigger. Who would have known Babe Ruth would be a baseball superstar after he hit his first professional homerun out of Hanlan’s stadium into the Toronto Bay way back when. We had a Professional Ball park on the Islands?

The Leafs? Gotta Forget About’em!


Still thinking about the Leafs? New/old General Manager won’t make much of a material difference, with this season at least. Again for some strange reason I decided to kill my time watching a Leaf game and guess what happened, they lost. I guess I was still up on the Raptor victory over the NBA’s best team at the moment the Boston Celtics the other night. What was I thinking? Why do I commit myself to such wastefulness. There is so much happening with the Raptors as of late I don’t know why the Leafs continue to be first news when it comes to sports in this city. We are a city who always loves to push aside the bad and showcase the new. Please, let’s forget about the Leafs they are a waste of time and money.

I must apologize for cracking. Previously I posted about forgetting the Leafs and I cracked. I’m sorry! I guess I am just a devoted Toronto sports fan, but still… The Leafs Suck! Watching them play is like watching a bad movie. This city needs to step away from showcasing itself as a hockey town because as you can tell from my words there is not much hockey being played here. Forget about the Toronto Maple Leafs and get into the Toronto Raptors. I’ll keep saying it because I truly believe if you’re a true Toronto Sports fan you enjoy winning teams you’ll do the right thing.

Tonight the Raptors are in action playing the Milwakee Bucks. Trust me, they are an exciting team to watch. Check’em out. The “Leafs?” Gotta Forget about’em!

Phot by: jgsprenger

Believe it or Not – A New Toronto Skatespot in Winter

Ripley’s Urban Rail Park opened toward the end of December offering Snowboarders and Skateboarders a new spot here in the city. A 16,000 square-foot, tented and heated skateboard park designed by Emil Barklay from Friendly Skateboards features a mini ramp, funbox, quarter pipes and yes rails! The Friendly team will have a demo for tomorrow’s Grand Opening! The party starts at 8pm Thursday… Get there early and practice. Summer is a long way away and the Urban Rail Friday skateboard contest series will start on the 18th.

Ripley’s Urban Rail Park
Polson Pier

Regular Hours Effective January 2nd
Mon – Wed 3 PM – 10 PM
Thurs – Fri 12 PM – 10 PM
Sat – Sun 10 AM – 10 PM

Forget about the Leafs, Get into the Raptors!


Every since the NHL strike a few years back I never got back into watching any hockey. To be honest I never really did before the strike but atleast I sat shotgun on the Leaf bandwagon. Last night was the first time in almost two years that I sat down and watched a Leaf game in its entirity. You figure, they are on a little winning steak, they have been playing good as of late, so you kinda get into it. What a stinker! Up two nothing for most of the game and let in 2 goals in the last two minutes only to lose the game in overtime the way they did. They permantly turn off the Leaf switch in me. Forget about the Leafs, they are a waste of time and money. I can’t believe people spend the money they do to watch such a losing team. And we wonder why the Leaf organization does nothing to build a winning team. It’s because we give the Leafs the time of day. So let’s just forget they exist. It’s for their own good!

Here’s some advice, get into the Raptors. You may not be a basketball fan but hey, there’s something to cheer about. Defending Atlantic Division Champions. An Allstar with winning attitude. Europeans players that make a difference. A coach who was voted coach of the year by his peers. A general manager was was named executive of the year. A team that we know for sure will make the playoffs. A city likes nothing more than a winning team! The Maple Leafs are as dull as a butterknife. So do me a favor, forget about the Leafs and get into the Raps!


Beat The Flu

I’ve been riding transit more and more (pretty much in line my resolution to drive less) and noticed a lack of courtesy lately. The weather has been relatively mild but the odd cold snap has some coughing and sneezing over my shoulder. Counting my lucky non sick days thus far I’m going to seek out one of Toronto’s Flu Shot clinics. Debate always rages whether this is effective or not I feel more at ease visiting family in the nursing home or riding the old TTC.

Not the typical germ-o-phobe but thinking of others (while protecting oneself) is not the worst motto to live by.

Toronto Flu Clinics
Free flu shots are till December 15, 2007.
The next round of clinic run from January 14-17, 2008.

Toronto Public Health flu vaccination clinics are open to individuals who work, live or attend school in Ontario.

No appointment is needed with most centres open during the day, evening and weekend!

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