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Nice Shoes

Am I supposed to look at her shoes?

photo by me

Here’s a girl showcasing her shoes to the crowd. From the TownShoes event this week.

Townshoes Contest

TownShoesContest.jpgphoto by me

Townshoes at Eaton Centre was host to the company’s most recent “Top Shoe-aholic” contest.

I think most everyone knows that this marketing ploy was created to lure shoppers into the store. Heck, just look at the picture! Yes, that’s a pole dancer. There were a couple Marketing Coordinators in attendance, monitoring the crowd. A cure PR intern was taking pictures of the crowd, for analysis later on, I imagine.

Farewell Sam’s

As arvin noted a few days ago, Sam’s is closing. I still can’t believe it.

I grew up heading down with great trepidation to the sinful street Yonge was way back when, just to visit Sam’s. I’d heard about it through the school grapevine as the place to buy records from. At that time, I was only interested in two things: The Beatles and current rock. Later, I explored the other sections of Sam’s. Over time, these sections grew, and there was more “odd” musical genres to discover. If I’d been a patron of Sun Records or HMV, I’d never have discovered Gregorian chanting or Ofra Harnoy or so richly stacked my collection with Canadian rockers.

The Ritual Masters

Let me be absolutely clear, the only reason I’m writing about this is because the opening line caught my complete attention.

Weekend to Discover Toronto

Of course today marks the start of DOORS OPEN and Sunday is the start of this year’s round of Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market.

Discover / Rediscover the city!

Blogtrotting: Metroblogging Vienna

I’ve always thought Vienna to be a liberal city…

I Want – I Got

Surfing around and found this awesome site run by a tres chic lady right here in Hogtown. I Want – I Got is a shopping and fashion site started by Anita Clarke, a fashionista if I ever met one. She exudes style. And she writes for BlogTO. Pure awesomeness.

MAC Girl in a Bikini

Scarborough Town Centre is growing. Lululemon just opened a store there. And MAC has a bikini model. Okay, not the best segue ever.

At first I thought she was a mannequin, but then she moved and I did a classic double take as the escalator lifted me away from her orangey complexion.

Several questions came to mind: How long has MAC been doing this? How much is she getting paid? Don’t people find this odd and degrading? What’s she advertising? Full body make up? How long has she been sitting there? Are those 2-inch heels?

As myriad questions floated through my mind, I couldn’t help but replay the last image I saw of her as I walked up the escalator. She had a hugely fake smile on as a mall patron waved at her. It seemed kinda sad.

Get Some “DRUNKS”


The Junction Skate Shop have the hard to find Consolidated Drunks in stock. The “DRUNKS” are the latest project by Consolidated under their DON’T DO IT campaign. Whatever your feelings are about Corporations or business it’s never a bad thing to give a nod to the underdog. Consolidated Skateboards are a long standing skater run company that have promoted the building local community skateboard parks and a skateboard community (run by and for skaters as opposed to the whims and trends of companies that feed off rather than promote skateboarding). The BS DRUNKS are fun take on NIKE’s skateboard line (the SB Dunks).

From Consolidated’s site:
“Consolidated Footwear will only be sold in shops that have roots, in the skateboard, surf, and snowboard industry. They symbolize the Don’t Do It campaign and the movement to take back and empower those that built and nurtured this industry to get it to where it is today. There is a reason there are no football, basketball, baseball, or soccer player-owned companies, and there should be. Don’t let this happen to surf, skate, and snow. Your decisions shape the future and we encourage you to be conscious of what you support.”

The appropriation of youth culture (graffiti, breakdancing, Punk, Rock, Hip Hop or skateboarding) is nothing new. It’s always a fine line between scene support and exploitation but it’s good to see a new local shop is promoting the DIY spirit from the get go.

Take Home Some Manufactured Landscapes

Didn’t realize that the great documentary featuring Toronto’s own Edward Burtynsky was already out on video. I guess with the advent of downloads movies hit the DVD shelves that much sooner. Turning out to be quite a movie weekend…LoL

Would have thought that Manufactured Landscapes would have been a contender this year but Mr. Gore’s message did cause a complete shift in conciousness and won a well deserved Oscar. That doesn’t diminish this film’s strength and it did win a Genie. If you haven’t already checked out this film now’s your chance. Not just a photographer’s log, an interesting take on the world we live in. This is definitely a four star film and you can catch it at the Bloor this weekend!

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