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The Nature Of Cities

Toronto Star columnist Christopher Hume is featured on the Nature of Things tonight. Tonight’s episode, The Living City, will focus on what is wrong and going right in Canada’s urban centres.

Taxpayers and politicians should take note. This show is timely and tack on. City planning seems too often to be in the hands get rich quick developers. This kind of thinking/debate could improve our city, economy and standard of living. The talk of Infrastructure is everywhere. With 80% of the population living urban areas planning how and where we spend millions is the key to maximizing effectiveness and benefit to residents.

York Back To School Monday

After the 5th days of emergency sessions of Ontario legislature the Liberal Bill 145 will force 3,340 striking workers back to class on Monday. The long mess has come to an end. The union dropped the threat of a legal challenge against the back-to-work legislation late yesterday. The bill is should have Royal assent by 4pm and make it law.

Shooting Has TTC Closing Part Of It’s Subway System

The TTC closed the a section of the Yonge-University-Spadina Subway from St. George Station to Union Station after a shooting at Osgoode Station (University Avenue & Queen Street West). The Police are now investigating the incident and the TTC are operating buses to divert commuters. Keep an eye on the TTC to keep on top of any further TTC Service Advisories.

Hoping that for a quick recovery for the victims and resolution/arrest of the perpetrators.

Pages Gets Some Relief

Walking down Queen Street West one can sense the loss. Many iconic shops like Songbird or venues like the 360 have long disappeared. Rents have exploded threatening to close out many others even rendering some extinct. Great to hear that Pages will be able to have a rent freeze until the summer.

After spending anxious months dealing with an uncertain future, Pages Books & Magazines has just been given a six-month extension on its historic Queen Street location. “We’re thrilled to be staying until at least the end of August,” says Marc Glassman, proprietor of Pages, one of Toronto’s longest running independent bookstores. (from Pages homepage)

Note to landlords. Once again you threaten the vibrancy and value of your location by pushing out the very people that built the heart of the neighbourhood. Queen West needs less surf wear and Bloor West type stores. Hopefully amazing 29 year running businesses like Pages Books & Magazines can continue to remind us how special Toronto and Queen West are.

Tusks For Sale

Dancing to a different beat thanks to White Whale Records sale. It’s been on since December 19th or something but it was a welcome find this weekend. Pay what you can digital downloads! Pick up Toronto’s Tusks!

I’ve long loved Zunior as an alternative to iTunes but recording label direct buying often leads to finding other listening gems. Culture Reject and The Mohawk Lodge are a pair on White Whale Records that deserve a preview. Would have loved have seen Culture Reject live in Toronto earlier this month but have to be glad to hear them in my playlist now. I’ll save the mindless big ticket buying to the masses. Relaxing at home and cuddling up with some great music is comfort enough.

Snow Tires NOT Mandatory In Ontario

Snow tires do work better in cold and snowy conditions. They are composed of a different rubber that freezes at a lower temperature. This means that braking performance is far better than all season tires in cold weather (snow or no snow). Quebec’s mandatory snow tire legislation kicked in this year and close to 90% of Quebecers already used them. The law is expected to cut accidents as much as 20%. Toronto doesn’t often get the amount of snow that much of Quebec receives BUT snow tires wouldn’t hurt in the winter. Premier McGuinty has listened to public opinion and won’t be mandating snow tire use and said that people should use good judgement.

No matter which tires you choose driver discretion and caution is often your best defense. With over 250 reported accidents being reported yesterday as a result of just 5 to 10 centimeters of snow some care and snowtires wouldn’t be a bad idea. As would riding the TTC or GO Transit instead (if at all possible). While delays are sometimes unavoidable on a heavy snow day, transit can be a time and life saver. Whatever fare you pay for transit it would be way cheaper than your insurance premium and car repair post-accident.

Torontoist Is Getting It’s Plug Pulled After The Ball Drops…

DAMN! Very sad to hear that Torontoist will come to an end after December 31st. It seems that Gothamist decided to cut Toronto out of it mix of US and International city blogs. Hoping that their authors continue to lend their voices to the city and keep writing…somewhere in the future. Torontoist and Spacing have consistently been great additions to the blogosphere and Toronto.

Rally, Rally or Write???

Stephen Taylor Tory Blogger and fellow of the Manning Centre is organizing rallies in 11 cities (maybe more) to insure that “democracy is heard”. Stephen’s Rally For Canada (and against the proposed coalition) hits Toronto at Queen’s Park this Saturday from 12-2pm.

Ken Georgetti of the Canadian Labour Congress has “re-tuned” his rallies. Originally the CLC was to rally to press Mr. Flaherty and the Harper government for action on the economy, the safeguarding of jobs and pensions. The CLC will also throw their support for the Accord on a Cooperative Government to Address the Present Economic Crisis. The CLC rally, “Coalition YES” hits Toronto this Saturday from 12-1pm.

Personally, I’m going to try and talk to contact my MP or MP’s office. (I encourage everyone to do the same) Your viewpoint and vote count just as much between elections as during them. Let’s hope that the longest a Yes or No hopeful has to wait is this Monday. There can be no justification to prorogue Parliament. The Governor General will have a lot to think about upon her return. Having the House do nothing in the face of an economic crisis by delaying a vote in the House of Commons amounts to criminal negligence. If our elected MP’s are to govern they should vote and work together toward solutions, not cut and run.

Rally For Canada (against a Liberal-NDP Coalition)
Saturday December 6th
Queen’s Park
from 12pm to 2pm

Coalition YES!
Saturday December 6th
Nathan Phillips Square
from 12pm to 1pm

Hopes For A Swift Recovery, An End To The Violence

Mumbai Metblogs have been blogging the aftermath of terror attacks. Hoping that the healing can begin.

Appeals for calm have been called after the wake of violence in Kariachi. Karachi Metblogs are covering developments and Twitter is ablaze. (Follow twitter hashtag #Karachi for the latest updates)

Last Night of the Vigil

There were special Remembrance Day events Queen’s Park and at Old City Hall today. The TTC gave pause to honour our veterans this morning too. If you have not already seen it, tonight until dawn the last 10,000 names of the 68,000 lost will be shown as part of the 1914 – 1918 Vigil. Coincidental or not Mayor Miller noted earlier today, about 10,000 of the 68,000 who perished in that war made Toronto their home. Lest we forget…

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