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New Target Market for TTC

Lost in the Crowd

When you really have to be there on time, Ride The Rocket.

fuzzy cell phone image by me.

Somebody Gonna Get A Hurt Real Bad

Russell Peters began his show with a classic: a video montage of the fan-favourite joke about his dad, his friend Ryan, and the virtue of beating your kids. The vid was culled from his past shows during his world tour.

So far, he’s been to Vancouver, India, the UAE, Australia, and even a U.S. aircraft carrier. And his act was peppered with the things he learned while he was away from home.

But now he’s back. Back to Toronto. Back to Brampton, because we all know, All Roads Lead to Brampton.

He was in fine form, delivering one-liners at breakneck speed. The 15,000 people who filled the Air Canada Centre were laughing their asses off at “laughing their eyes off.” The two hours flew right by.

He pondered on the cheapness of his people, argued for the guy with the little penis, and made fun of every single nationality in the house.

Therein lies his greatest talent. The man has an ear and a tongue for languages. More accurately, growing up with cosmopolitan Toronto, he mastered accents. He can do any accent from Chinese, West Indian, Jamaican, Filipino, Guyanese, Canadian, Spanish, Italian, and of course, Indian.

He made fun of everyone. Even deaf people. And it was freakin’ hilarious. But you don’t need me to tell you just how funny he is. You already know. And if you don’t, Google his name. Go to YouTube and search for vids of his act. You’ll bawl over laughing. Promise.

If you’re already a fan, a true fan, you’ll watch him tonight. If you don’t, somebody gonna…

Read more about last night’s show

Green Party Climate Roadmap

What were these guys smoking when they came up with this plan? Rotisserie? It’s not like they’re these guys.

Firsts @ the New ROM

A cool dude named Brian thought of some very cool things you can do in the ROM’s new Lee-Chin Crystal.

A Cartoonist Zings Toronto’s Garbage Policies

Now this says it all about Toronto’s garbage policies.

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What does Easter mean?

I wanted to work today to make some extra cash but unfortunately my plant decided to close for the day. I went down instead to do laundry and the whole room was full. There was even a few people waiting patiently who laughed when they saw another resident enter the overheated room. So, I went for a walk on this cold day and decided to throw a cheque in the bank… no envelopes! I guess everyone uses a day off in the same way. But as I wander into Tim Horton’s what is going on? Same thing, each day, not much of a difference. At least on a holiday in Toronto some things are dependable!

Billboard Hack

Via Torontoist


So apparently Donald and Rosie have made up and are willing to kiss and tell. Or so says these billboards anyway. Click on image for more or click here.

It deserves a name!
What name would you give to this classic hotrod?
(Spotted in the Kennedy station area)

Apostrophe Abuse

So one of my pet peeves is people abusing the apostrophe in every day grammar. Turns out there is an Apostrophe Protection Society, which claims to protect this much abused punctuation mark.


There’s a Flickr group, called Grocer’s Apostrophe which documents bad use of the punctuation mark at the grocery store, as well as several blogs like Apostrophe Catastrophe and Apostrophe Abuse.

Seems like last year, everyones favourite, evil, cable company, Rogers, made a mistake that cost them $2 Million due to bad grammar.

Now if only someone could fix the apostrophe on every goddamn Tim Hortons (save Quebec), I’d highly appreciate it. Seems like Tim’s started out its existence as Tim Horton’s. The apostrophe was lost to the language legislation in the Province of Quebec: unless a business name is simply a personal name, in Quebec the signage has to be translated into French: Tim Horton’s Donuts would have to become Les donuts de Tim Horton. Rather than producing entirely new signage for the Quebec market, Tim Horton’s became Tim Hortons from coast to coast to coast.

via Neatorama

Franco-phony, Anglo-phony

J’ai regardé le fil “Bon cop, Bad cop” le weekend passé (avec mon épouse francophone ). Tout d’abord, c’étais très très fantastique de voir Tim Hortons, La tour CN…(I dont know how to say “posing as themselves”)

The film had it’s own Canadian styled plot (about hockey), a character named Harry Buttman (Gary Bettman) and even Rick Mercer staring as Tom Berry…a Don Cherry-like commentator. It’s a pretty funny movie to watch especially if you can see it with a bilingual crowd!

I didn’t intend to write this as so much a review as just a film that portrays Toronto, Montréal and in a sense then Canada in a unique light in today’s cinema. It also made me realize I need to work on my french…Pain Doré or Pain Perdu?

Please also visit the Montreal Metblogs posting for this movie, written when it came out.

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