Judge Blocks British MP’s Request To Enter Canada And Speak In Toronto

It’s official. British MP George Galloway’s request for an injunction to enter Canada has been denied. A Federal Court judge has ruled against his motion. Galloway was to speak tonight at Metropolitan United Church. The Toronto stop was to be the first of a four-city speaking tour GEORGE GALLOWAY: RESISTING WAR FROM GAZA TO KANDAHAR. The organizers of the Toronto stop, Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, have said that their event would continue regardless of the judge’s decision.

Galloway is no stranger to controversy. His response to the U.S. Senate regarding false allegations that he took bribes from Saddam Hussein was memorable. He has long taken criticism for his anti war stance and support for some pro-Palestinian causes. This support for some Palestinian groups has some people labeling him as a “terrorist supporter”. The Federal government stance, and latest justice decision seems heavy handed. Some have argued other “war criminals” (George W. Bush?) have been allowed into the country to speak. A view equally exaggerated, perhaps, but no doubt a strange precedent has been set with Galloway.

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  1. adol on April 7th, 2009 @ 6:17 pm

    I’m shocked that Torontonians haven’t been more aghast on this point. I go to U of T, and hardly anyone has mentioned it. It’s as if freedom of speech doesn’t matter when it comes to people of the ‘other’ view i.e. the view that Hamas is not a terrorist organization but an actual democratically elected government. I’m not saying that it’s my own view, but I respect Galloway’s views and find that they ADD a great deal to the dialogue between east and west. Denying him entry was a big mistake. It was the equivalent of Canada shutting its doors upon the Middle East crisis.

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