Rally, Rally or Write???

Stephen Taylor Tory Blogger and fellow of the Manning Centre is organizing rallies in 11 cities (maybe more) to insure that “democracy is heard”. Stephen’s Rally For Canada (and against the proposed coalition) hits Toronto at Queen’s Park this Saturday from 12-2pm.

Ken Georgetti of the Canadian Labour Congress has “re-tuned” his rallies. Originally the CLC was to rally to press Mr. Flaherty and the Harper government for action on the economy, the safeguarding of jobs and pensions. The CLC will also throw their support for the Accord on a Cooperative Government to Address the Present Economic Crisis. The CLC rally, “Coalition YES” hits Toronto this Saturday from 12-1pm.

Personally, I’m going to try and talk to contact my MP or MP’s office. (I encourage everyone to do the same) Your viewpoint and vote count just as much between elections as during them. Let’s hope that the longest a Yes or No hopeful has to wait is this Monday. There can be no justification to prorogue Parliament. The Governor General will have a lot to think about upon her return. Having the House do nothing in the face of an economic crisis by delaying a vote in the House of Commons amounts to criminal negligence. If our elected MP’s are to govern they should vote and work together toward solutions, not cut and run.

Rally For Canada (against a Liberal-NDP Coalition)
Saturday December 6th
Queen’s Park
from 12pm to 2pm

Coalition YES!
Saturday December 6th
Nathan Phillips Square
from 12pm to 1pm

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  1. ttfn (doej) on December 5th, 2008 @ 11:38 am

    It seems that these rallies are too little too late. Canadians are being told by the media that it was a reasonable request to prorogue parliament, that a man who has no plan other than the one given to him by corporations to minimize the cost to corporations as they eliminate workers jobs, benefits and pensions – that the brunt of the economic crisis should be born by individuals. This man is ready to reverse the steps taken to try to minimize the effect big money has on elections by overturning the small amount of public funding – something fundamental to a democracy. Obviously almost all media is already in the hands of these interests as they control everything that has been said – that is why people are mostly in the dark about how their interests are supposed to be represented – this representative government was hard won and it seems people will be convinced to let it slip away as they pick up a few sound bites directing them how they can best comply when everything is taken from them. Polls are being used to prop up these actions. The last man to prorogue parliament in this way was Charles I – it precipitated a Civil War in England and the King was arrested, tried and executed. Mr Harper has decided to adopt the same tactics declaring that he has a right to continue to govern despite having lost the confidence of the House of Commons.

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