Getting Some Sun Energy

Remember this unseasonably hot day last October? Remember what it felt like to bask in warm, calm-inducing sun? I don’t know about you, but I’ve just about forgotten, and we’re paying for that sun deficit. It seems like many of us have gone into full hibernation mode after weeks of grey days and too few sunny ones, feeling too spiritless to engage with each other, even through a relatively easy forum as the comments section on a blog. But who can comment when thinking takes work?

While Americans lean back in a comfy chair, eyes closed, imagining their dreams today on their holiday, we ought to do the same. Yeah, our governments are too parsimonious to give us a stat holiday in January and Ontarians are bitchin’ about the new stat one in February, but we can take our own day off, like the man in this photo. While people around him walked and flew kites and huffed and puffed over the volleyball nets, he parked his chair and parked himself and simply soaked in the sun until he was re-energized to get back into life. We may have to do it under glass when the sun does peek out, but to me, it’s a marvelous idea.

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