Forget about the Leafs, Get into the Raptors!


Every since the NHL strike a few years back I never got back into watching any hockey. To be honest I never really did before the strike but atleast I sat shotgun on the Leaf bandwagon. Last night was the first time in almost two years that I sat down and watched a Leaf game in its entirity. You figure, they are on a little winning steak, they have been playing good as of late, so you kinda get into it. What a stinker! Up two nothing for most of the game and let in 2 goals in the last two minutes only to lose the game in overtime the way they did. They permantly turn off the Leaf switch in me. Forget about the Leafs, they are a waste of time and money. I can’t believe people spend the money they do to watch such a losing team. And we wonder why the Leaf organization does nothing to build a winning team. It’s because we give the Leafs the time of day. So let’s just forget they exist. It’s for their own good!

Here’s some advice, get into the Raptors. You may not be a basketball fan but hey, there’s something to cheer about. Defending Atlantic Division Champions. An Allstar with winning attitude. Europeans players that make a difference. A coach who was voted coach of the year by his peers. A general manager was was named executive of the year. A team that we know for sure will make the playoffs. A city likes nothing more than a winning team! The Maple Leafs are as dull as a butterknife. So do me a favor, forget about the Leafs and get into the Raps!


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