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Will we see the Red Rockets turn to Green Rockets if the province takes over the TTC? Reports have played down the take over and everyone is saying no, it won’t happen. Oh yea, it’s going to cost me 100 dollars plus to buy a metropass to ride into Yorku everyday. Thank goodness for York’s staff discount. How do feel about a GO-TTC combo? Holla back…

Bill Gates’ buddies at Microsoft are so addicted to Facebook they are buying a piece of it. Soon a Facebook window will pop up as MSN IM does when you turn on your computers. I wonder if Toronto is still the Facebook Capital of the world. By the way Metroblogging has a Facebook group setup. So do MB San Jose, Vancouver, Portland and Istanbul. Good to know…

SimToronto is coming to MB Toronto. What is SimToronto? Well, for the longest time I enjoyed playing SimCity, a video game by Electronic Arts that allows users to create and control cities. Urban design is fun but it seems even more exciting when you see you creation come to life. Users control everything from layout, zones, taxes, transportation education, by-laws and everything else you can think of. SimToronto is temporarily being posted on my personal blog , it will have its own home soon. It have also been a previous reoccurring post on BlogTO. It has now made its move to MB Toronto.

The trash talking has begun for our friends at MB Denver who have called out the folks at MB Boston guaranteeing a victory for the Colorado Rockies over the Boston Redsox. Oh yea by the way, the Redsox thrashed the Rocks 31-1 in the series opener. Orange County, we have not forgotten. The Ducks are Champs!

MB Toronto is looking for teamates! Interested in showcasing your creative skillz through writing, blogging or photography? Email me we’ll talk about it… alad1n@yahoo.com

Photo by: Tyson Williams – Metroblogging Toronto Flickr Group

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  1. kutoff (unregistered) on October 25th, 2007 @ 1:20 pm

    I think the Londoners recently beat us Torontonians out on Facebook!

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