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Why did Toronto Public Health not advertise the mouse infestation?

“Because it was only pre-packaged dried goods the risk level is quite low,” said Jim Chan, the city’s manager of food safety. Oh well, too true, it’s not like mice chew through the cardboard boxes or shit on top of the cans or litter their skin flakes in the crinkles in plastic packaging as they brush on by.

Just to push his point home, he added that although a public announcement was not made, consumers could find the closing notice posted on the department’s website.

Well, I don’t know about you, but like a good little Torontonian, I always start my day perusing the public health website. And when I’m done there, I move on to the fascinating announcements on the Ontario and Canadian ones (is there a national one?) about the latest food poisoning scare. Now, just one thing, when you visit Toronto’s helpful and comprehensive website, please tell me where the infestation info is.

A&P did its part. “The company disposed of any and all food and grocery products that was potentially compromised,” it said. And it did it in a record two days too, on top of hunting down and ridding the place of every mouse and bacterium they carried.

Time for The Star to do another Dine Safe series, except this time it should be on Shop Safe!

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