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Toronto’s Bike Racks

Toronto Bike Poles

Being an avid cyclist myself, one of the first things I noticed around Toronto are the endless bike racks installed by the city. I mentioned to some friends how cool I thought that was, that the city was so supportive but as Jay noted in the comments on that photo, the racks aren’t as secure as they were meant to be and their are some other versions besides the basic rings. This is all incredibly fascinating to me as a visitor. The Torontoist piece I linked to above mentions a 2×4 can be used to break the rack very easily, I’m curious if anyone has any first hand experience of this happening? Anyone had their bikes stolen off of these racks? They certainly seem to be well used around town so I’m just curious how secure people feel they are -2×4 hack or not.

Toronto: Fifth Most Livable

An Economist magazine survey has named Vancouver the best place to live. Again. Congratulations to our sister city and all but I know I’m not the only Torontonian who would love to see those Vancouverites dethroned.

A few things to note: Canada has two cities on the list while my second favourite country has four. Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney are doing Australia proud taking the number 2, 4, 6 and 7 spots, respectively. No U.S. is on the list.

Being fifth is pretty damn good, especially after all the bad news that’s been coming out of our city, from shootings, to stabbings, to daylight robberies and inept politicians who can’t make the city work. Hell, they can’t even work together.

Ambitious! – News – A $100M plan to ease gridlock in 2 years or less

The Greater Toronto Transportation Authority has a get-it-done-in-2-years wishlist, which includes “Creating an online trip planner service to make it easier to use transit across city borders…

I second that and add that they force the TTC to revamp their website. I don’t know about other folks, but unless I know the exact bus number and direction I want — and who does for a route you’re unfamiliar with? — it’s impossible, or at best takes forever, to figure out when and where one should catch a bus when planning a trip. The site itself is primitive and chaotic and screams, “Go Away!” They don’t even tell you when or why the subway is down! (Then again, if they did, I’d probably never find the notice on that cluttered home page anyway.)

So more power to the GTTA if that $1.5 million is spent on website tools that includes the TTC! And if it doesn’t, oh well, at least the 905ers won’t have to suffer our aggravation.

Toronto is the Most Multicultural City in the World! (So I claim!)

New York

Which is the most multicultural city in the world?

Right now, as I type, Christina Cherneskey on CFRB is simulcasting with those three other cities for an hour about who is the most multicultural city in the world. They’ve just switched to Syndey and are listening to children sing and talk about how they can learn different languages. Then we switch to New York, which claims it’s the world’s first melting pot and is interviewing a professor (with an accent to boot, proving their claim). Then back to London, the BBC host of this competition.

But of course, they can’t compete with us, Toronto. We’re an immigrant city. We attract 25 percent of all immigrants to Canada. We’re more livable, according to a recent poll, than those three. We are naturally multicultural. So what do you think? Tell the world in the next 45 minutes.

You can e-mail your vote to or call 416-872-1010 or 1-800-561-CFRB.


Update: Fantastic hour! The four voters from Iraq, Pakistan, Morocco, and Singapore voted: two for London, one for Toronto, and one on the fence. Texters voted for New York. E-mailers for Toronto. We’re the only city that showed up in two voting pools. Not bad!

LEGO My World Record!

r2201884346.jpgHi there. I’m Sean, and I’m visiting your lovely from Los Angeles. Looks like I got to town just in time for you guys to swipe our world record. Yes, apparently the worlds largest LEGO tower was just built here in Toronto by Erik Therkelsen and Per Knudsen (and their posse). It’s 29.3 metres (thats 96.1 feet) and includes more than 465,000 LEGO bricks. This is just craziness. At least in California the tower was built by the dudes at LEGOland, where as here these were just some dudes who wanted to do it and had some extra bricks laying around or something. Anyway, I hope you are all happy now with your world record and stuff. Enjoy. [Thanks Josh]

Where to wash your clothes on the Midway


It was just what I needed. I accidentally dropped a little ketchup onto my shirt while taking part in one of CNE’s famous foot long corn dogs during my visit the other day. The thing is, It had happened just as I got there. I was only at the park maybe 15 minutes and I had a small red ketchup stain on my shirt. Where was my Tide pen when I needed it? So for several hours I walked around embarrassed trying to hide my stain. Then the unexpected happen. On my way back to the streetcars I found a washer right in the middle of the Midway. Yea, a washer! Great thinking guys… ;)

Police Call Off Search for Missing TO Woman

She’s been missing for near three weeks now and yesterday the OPP has called off the search at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park. Officials cited lack of evidence to support that anyone has moved through the bush where Christina Calayca was believed to have gone missing.

I’ve been following this story intently, hopeful for some kind of discovery, bad or good, so her family would have some kind of answer. But there was nothing.

Not knowing is the worst feeling in the world as it doesn’t provide closure. Hope still remains and right now that’s all that remains.

Centennial Celebrations @ U of T

In the “better late than never” pile, a sugar maple was planted by Gord Miller, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, along side the Canadian Institute of Forestry to kick-off the Forests in Settled Landscapes Conference. The conference is “a joint three-day conference hosted by the University of Toronto and the Canadian Institute of Forestry.” The tiny tree commemorates U of T’s Faculty of Forestry’s first 100 years of existence. And here’s to another 100 more!

TTC Streetcars of Tomorrow


Yesterday I was able to take a look into TTC streetcars future without even getting into a Delorean. Both the Siemens Canada Ltd’s Combino Plus model and Montreal-based Bombardier Transportation’s LRV model are displayed at the CNE for all commuters to see. Personally I don’t ride the street cars being a North Yorker and all, but for a second I put myself into the downtowners shoes and checked out what all the big fuss is about regarding these streetcar models.

C’est Bon? CA VA MAL



This Friday Adrift skateshop is host to Ca Va Mal!. Their last show at Smiling Buddha was amazing. Drums, keys and guitar… RAWK!

CA VA MAL @ Adrift
w/ Katja, Soft Floors, Greg Cocaine
299 Augusta Ave

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