Are Torontonians Ready for a Disaster?


Some time ago I posted the news of a bomb threat at the RBC plaza, right close to the heart of Toronto’s financial district. To most readers it seemed like just another bomb threat, there’s no need to worry. But how worried should we be? I have asked the question before and I’ll ask it again, how prepared are we for an event like a bomb blast in Toronto?

Shortly after the spoiled car bomb attempts in London earlier this summer, experts have warned that cities like Toronto and Ottawa are so vulnerable to an attack that they’re just waiting for it to happen. They events of today’s takedown and dramatic bomb transport is a prime example of how something tragic and unimaginable can happen here. Who knows where that guy was taking those bombs? He could have parked that car right at Dundas Square for all we know. Talk Talk Talk’s breaking news post regarding today’s events sum it up, “Have you even seen this before?” Ummm, when I think about it, nope. From the break up of suspected terrorist cells to letter and car bombs in Toronto, no not me. So what’s next? Is this just another bomb threat that should be ignored or should we really face reality that something could eventually happen and therefore we should be ready.

Each month Toronto Public Health puts out a survey call the Rapid Risk Factors Surveillance System to 200 respondents across the city and asks various questions from pesticide use, smoking by-laws to child acre safety. These questions basically shape opinion and bang, the new by-laws. A new section that has been included not to long ago asks questions about emergency preparedness. Basically, how Y2k ready are you? As a part-time gig, it is my responsibility to listen in on these calls for quality assurance. Obviously I can’t talk about what I hear but what I can say is that you’ll be surprised to know how many people have even given a thought to something happening, especially here in Toronto. Here is some infor from the Toronto Public Health on how to be prepared.

Here’s another angle to think about, is the city ready for a bomb blast within its borders? Remember the Blackout? A bomb blast would probably be a little more chaotic. Mixing transportation shutdowns and panic seem like deadly combination on its own. I guess we wouldn’t know unless something actually happens. Thus far The Toronto Police Emergency Task Force, the Bomb Squad and of course the under covers who have been following this guy all seem pretty much on the ball. After all, they did catch this guy and detonated the bombs before anything disastrous did happen.

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