Torontoist Designs the Survey the TTC Should Have

As Alden blogged earlier, the TTC is conducting a survey of patrons to find out which poison we prefer.

Torontoist recognized just how bad the TTC’s survey is and designed their own, with input from notable TTC observers. They too have set the deadline date for September 10th, after which time they’ll send the complete data set to the TTC. Bet that venerable institution will be happy to receive better data on what TTC users really want, data they can analyse for themselves too.

Oh, and what is this “My TTC” stuff? Is the TTC trying to be hip, like MySpace or My5? Since when can I, one lone individual TTC patron, makeover the TTC into “My TTC”? I mean, they don’t even allow me to express my own opinions on their survey, but force me to choose one of their own foregone conclusions. If I don’t have a real say, how can I have a “My TTC”? This is one of the silliest marketing gimmicks I’ve ever seen. Give me a billion bucks and then maybe I’ll be able to have “My TTC”!

Anyway, go to Torontoist, check out the summary results — I’m tickled pink that survey takers so far consider provincial funding as the best way to fill the funding gap — and take the survey the TTC ought to have designed!

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