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How Could You Miss Wakestock???

Unless you were under a rock or ducking for cover you would have known Wakestock 2007 hit Toronto this weekend. From Hip Hop to Punk, skateboarding to wakeboarding, Moto X to surf wear to the Reef Girls Bikini contest there was a lot to see.

Saturday probably had the best line up of events and music though today’s Skateboard and Wakeboard finals were no joke. Locals Lee Yankou and Morgan Smith will be among the amateurs competing in the skateboard contest finals today. Hip Hop heavyweights Del and De La Soul were a welcome addition to the list of bands. GTA’s The End had an amazing set on the Indie Stage Saturday. The Deftones had some minor sound trouble at the start of their set but went on with their usual amazing wall of sound. The legendary Chad Muska had the crowd chearing at the Element Skateboard street course. Didn’t get to ask him about what was was like living next door to Paris Hilton a few years back but i digress… Fellow team Element Skateboard teammates Chad Tim Tim and Levi Brown also were tearing it up despite the heat. No body could touch Montreal’s Casey MacDonald on the mini-ramp. He took 1st place handily. Flying Motorcycles, beer, food and the Reef Girls provided distractions from above. Oh yeah there was wakeboarding too.

If you missed out this year don’t make the same mistake next year!

Toronto’s Beauty

Toronto may not have the green thumb climate of Vancouver, with its (usually) mild temperatures and high rainfall, but this city has hidden gems, people who spend hours in their gardens so that we walking by, can stop and smile and feel better as we carry on our way.

They Don’t Call It BCE Anymore…

Yup. As of today BCE PLACE is not BCE PLACE. Another naming convention in Toronto. Movers and shakers Brookfield have renamed the structure BROOKFIELD PLACE.

Toronto Postcard #3: Pre Eaton Centre

Eaton Centre

Is It Still Miller Time?


Finally, I am fully back from vacation and ready to offer my 2 cents again. So many things are happening with this city and I have not a clue on where to begin. It looks like the city taken a dive into the money pool only to find out there is no money to swim in. It is very hard to tread water when your feet are scrapping the bottom of the pool Dave. Yikes! What ever happened to “Miller Time?” I think it’s time for Dave to wake up and smell my Tim Horton’s. He probably would have an easier time finding funding using the cup when I’m done. Some say, we can’t blame him. Blame the years and years of restructuring, downloading and wasteful spending. Sure, but someone has to take the fall. What do you think, has “Miller Time” gone and past? Can anyone do anything differently to fill our pool? Just some questions to ask ourselves at the next municipal election. As for now, there’s no time like the present. It looks like it’s going to cost me more to get to work everyday on the TTC. A Subway here to YorkU,yea right, Sheppard line, closed? It’s all good, but not if you know what I mean. I rather pay a quarter more a day to ride the 196 to York than the thousands I would have to spend on new taxes when I transfer land to my name and build my new home next year. I guess these changes affect Torontonians differently depending on there situation. North York was good when it was North York, hint hint… Those were the good old days. Nonetheless, we are looking to some bumpy times ahead. We always get through it. I’m no Allen Iverson but my advice to Dave is the same, keep your head up! Dave is still in office so technically it’s still Miller Time.

Photo: City of Toronto Archives, Series 648, s0648_fl0010_Id0002

Toronto is Flipped Hither and Thither


Have you seen the Google Maps satellite view of Toronto? Check out the picture to the right. You can see the north side of the CN Tower and the south side of those buildings along the Gardiner Expressway.

It all makes me wonder – did M.C. Escher design this city? Or maybe Picasso?

The best laid plans…

What the TTC system will look like once the mayor has decided that the city has “saved enough money”

From this year’s early TTC “plans” and concurrent announcement that the city was almost broke, to the recent “cut” thoughts.. well Toronto should be used to this. The TTC is used more as a punching bag than by its riders for its true use.

The Miller Pout

Mayor David Miller is pouting. He spends over a million on a theatre for a company that isn’t attracting patrons and votes for a green plan for the city, but thinks we don’t have money for essential services that help the environment.

Interesting how he doesn’t go after the rich, but the little people who have no alternative. He isn’t going to sacrifice any of his sacred cows to help our city — facing down the unions, contracting out, selling off or leasing redundant municipal buildings, privatizing subway expansion, lobbying the senior governments. Instead, he’s going to get our money from our near-empty wallets by hook or by crook.

Tax Cuts Kill The TTC

As expected the rejection of the proposed tax increase means service cuts (in other words a TAX INCREASE). While the Mayor’s office delayed it’s stupid office reno (a good thing) the rejection of the property tax increase has another victim. The TTC.

Yup, it’s true your tax dollars actually pay for some services you might actually use or need. If you are a rider of the TTC guess what. You are losing out big time. Good-bye Sheppard line.

Talk about a waste of taxpayer money. A subway line that cost 1 BILLION to set up and has run about 5 years will be scrapped next year.

Yes taxes suck, only if government spending (at all levels) is not mismanaged. I mean SERVICES are what our taxes should be paying for. If tax dollars are spent on services the city needs there really isn’t a problem… is there??? Oh well, I suppose now we can expect yet another hike in fares too.

Holy Cow!

Did I hear right on the radio? Apparently, Mayor David Miller is cancelling his $3 million office renovation. I’m in shock. I never thought Miller would actually start with himself in curtailing spending. Well, I never thought he would actually curtail spending. But it seems a vocal, visible show of protest was what it took for him to get the message. People, we do have the power! Time to use it to bring sanity back into our garbage collection and nix that tax grab.

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