This is going to literally be about the state of Tim Horton’s chili. Stop reading now if that alone bothers you because really I am just complaining here…

There was a day not too long ago where I counted myself lucky to have a Tim Horton’s across the street. (There literally wasn’t much else) And in those few times where I would forget to bring a lunch I could go and have a nice bowl of chili, bun, donut and coffee for a not too bad price. It seemed loaded with meat, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes etc. A few years later the price went up a bit and the consistency of the chili seemed a bit runnier, a bit less “full” then before but still not bad.

Recently however things have changed.

Today’s chili is runny, containing little flecks of stuff they would like you to think are meat. It doesn’t even look like ground beef. I must say that though perhaps I am in a sorry state to waste time complaining about their chili, what a turn for the worst from one of our Canadian darlings. (profit over content?)

Timmy’s always gets points from me in the past for giving us back the 1cent on a medium coffee when the GST was lowered. Most other companies just ate the 1% as profit, too bad for us. tsk tsk Tim’s

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  1. MBFan#2 (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 2:57 pm

    Doesn’t Tim Hortons have some kind of deal with Wendy’s?

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