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This is going to literally be about the state of Tim Horton’s chili. Stop reading now if that alone bothers you because really I am just complaining here…

Is There a Tax Revolt Brewing?

Bill Carroll came roaring back from his week in Qu├ębec, where they don’t recylce, just dump all their garbage in one bag and out it goes, back to Toronto, the city that recycles the most in North America (apparently, and I believe it), to challenge the most comatose bunch of taxpayers this side of the Atlantic, that if they’re really angry, really fed up, really truly livid about City Council’s inane garbage bin idea (and today its new land transfer and vehicle taxes) to e-mail him and the Mayor.

Why Facebook Sucks, Reason # 1

This really has very little to do with Toronto except for the fact that I saw it on Strombo’s site. Gotta love Strombo.

Facebook and your privacy.

Billable Hours

What do you do to relax on a Sunday night?

I watch Billable Hours, the funniest comedy in Canada. Yeah, that’s right, funnier than Brent Butt’s Corner Gas. And that’s a freakingly funny show.

Showcase has spent much in advertising for this show, so I don’t understand why more people aren’t watching it. I mean, they film it in Toronto, fer chrissake. It’s even set here.

New Target Market for TTC

Lost in the Crowd

When you really have to be there on time, Ride The Rocket.

fuzzy cell phone image by me.

Blogtrotting: Guardian Angels on MB Vancity

Torontonians are familiar with the Guardian Angels. They’ve been here before, and actually set up shop in Toronto last year, amidst our growing (and still escalating) gun problem.

Seems like they’re on a recruiting tear in Vancouver as well.

ReelHeART Film Fest 2007

A friend introduced me to the ReelHeART International Film Festival (RHIFF). She’s selfish like that. You see, she’s in one of the films featured.

She’s in a film entitled Las Peregrinas: The Women Who Walk.

You can see her here. She’s the one with the red socks.

ROM Done, AGO Next…


North facade Art Gallery of Ontario
Gehry International, Architects, Inc.


Shoebox Blues

There’s no flip in my flop
There’s no hip in my hop
There’s no peep in my toe
I am barefoot you know!!!
I got the blues…
I got me them shoe buyin’ blues
I got the pumps-in-the-dumps
And the dogs-ate-my-clogs
Footwear blues…
Hey Mister, can you show me
Your newest design?
“Why yes, but none left
In a size 8 or 9!”
I got the blues…
Don’t give me no saddle shoes
I got the reek-in-my-sneaks
And the salt-on-my-boots
Blue suede blues…
I want comfort and vogue
But not in a brogue
Must have sex appeal
But not too high a heel!!!
I got the blues…
Don’t give me no bowling shoes
I got the orthotic-dork
And the wrecked-platform-cork
Slingback blues…
I got the mules-are-for-fools
And the rocks-in-my-Crocs
Shoebox blues…
Shoebox blues…
Shoebox blues…

This poem was a finalist in the TownShoes contest. Reprinted with permission of owner. Thanks Incognita!

Happy Birthday, Chicago Metblogs!

It’s a few days late, but I still remembered! Happy Birthday, Metroblogging Chi-town!

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