The bus driver

This morning’s ride (westbound along Eglinton Ave E) on the TTC was particularly busy.
Usually the bus is fairly full from Kennedy and then half empties at Birchmount. Picks up more along the way and switches people at Vic Park. Packed again it empties at Don Mills while the night shift at Celestica files into the bus as it makes its way west.

Today the bus never stopped being jammed and at Victoria Park the driver complained (to another TTC employee) about the rerouting going on to take all Eglinton drivers to Warden and St. Clair, back up to Warden and Eg and then across to Kennedy. He was fuming about the logic of it all while I was wondering why this would ever happen.

Apparently a man was found dead when a subway got to Kennedy station last night and was being inspected. Into this morning both VP and Kennedy stations were shut down. The stations were supposed to stay closed only for the morning rush hour so they should be open by now.

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  1. Nick J Boragina (unregistered) on April 13th, 2007 @ 2:33 pm

    the entire problem resulted from the fact that it took police 5 hours to arrive at kennedy. I certainly hope if I am murdered that my death will be investigated, and I wont be left to rot for 5 hours.

    as for the confusion, I agree the TTC should have dome something more. Apperently the busses were only makred “special” and people did not know to get on them. Cannot the signs be listed as “TO WARDEN” imput manually? And the problem seems to be that two busses were needed. one to bypass Kennedy along the RT line, and one along the BD line. Why not one, that would take you from Warden, to Kennedy, and on to Lawrence West? At least they were reasonable enough to do that rather then shut the entire RT down. Is not “SHUTTLE” in the list of bus electronic rollsigns?

  2. talk talk talk (unregistered) on April 14th, 2007 @ 1:25 pm

    5 hours? I didn’t hear that.

    According to the Star, the TTC didn’t tell people trying to get on the subway at Vic Park why the station was closed. What’s the big secret? The news is all over the papers, TV, radio, Net, and the TTC thinks local users ought not to know? How difficult would it have been for them to either tape up one of those hand-written signs or answer the question with the truth? Boggles the mind. But doesn’t surprise me.

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