Bill 67 – Organs & ID

An Act to amend various Acts to require a declaration with respect to the donation of organs and tissue on death.”

This bill is currently being considered but has not yet been introduced into law. These proposed ammendments include the following:

– (to you the Ministry will not) issue a driver’s licence to a person or renew a driver’s licence of a person unless the person has completed a declaration
– (nor) issue or renew a health card for a person of at least 16 years of age unless the person has completed a declaration

You are allowed to choose “undecided”, that you will donate or that you do not wish to donate. No one is forcing you to do anything other than at least see the form. I am guessing that our Legislative Assembly is hoping that making you pick will increase the number of donors if even slightly. The more people that have signed up the more likely it will be that an organ will be available for use.

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  1. Abbas Halai (unregistered) on April 12th, 2007 @ 3:15 pm

    i don’t agree with this. i don’t feel it should be made mandatory. the option should be made available. i agree with organ donation and think it is of great service to most people, and have signed up for it. as a muslim though, i have another perspective though. for me it is unislamic to be an organ donor. sad to say though that when muslims are in a position that their loved ones need an organ, they cry to the hospitals for one, but are not ready to give one up. it’s a tricky situation. some moderate muslims deny this ruling and say that it is allowed in our religion from a living muslim but not a cadaver. who knows. i figure in the end, when our time comes, it comes, and in that moment, if i can help save someone elses life, why the heck not.

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