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Cruel 2 B Kind

What is it?

Here’s the more elaborate answer, from the C2BK website ( C2BK is game played in teams on city streets. At the beginning of the game, you and a partner-in-crime are assigned a secret weapon. To onlookers, it will seem like a random act of kindness. But to a select group of other players, the seemingly benevolent gesture is a deadly maneuver that will bring them to their knees. Some players will be slain by a serenade. Others will be killed by a compliment. You and your partner might be taken down by an innocent group cheer. You will be given no information about your targets. No name, no photo, nothing but the guarantee that they will remain within the outdoor game boundaries during the designated playing time. Anyone you encounter could be your target. The only way to find out is to attack them with your secret weapon.

WHEN: Friday MAY 4, 7pm

WHERE: Downtown U of T campus

SIGN UP HERE: (you must sign up with one teammate)

Once you register, you will receive further instructions for playing!

You look gorgeous. See you there!

Ontario Archives at York University


March 2009 is the completion date for the new Ontario Archives offices being built at York University. Today the ground breaking ceremonies took place on the future spot of the archives, right outside my office window. Having worked at YorkU for the last 6 years I can truly say that the administration here knows exactly how to play the political game. They are not any way close to UofT on that scale, but getting the archives here was a big move and has certainly helped their push for the Spadina Subway extension. Looking around the campus the archives coming to Yorku is probably the biggest thing to happen to the University since the Rexall Center which opened 2 years ago and Seneca College who set up shop here several years back.

With all these new buildings popping up it is so unfortunate that the administration has not spent any money on its students in a long while. Not ever being a student here, it certainly looks like the University is reaping great benefits at the expense of its students. How the University gets its money apart from the government funding I will save for another day but in all, its good to see the University stepping up but they indeed need to work on some in-house maintenance. From my observations, York U is desperately in need of a convocation hall, current graduates now have their commencement in a tent. I have argued this point many times and having spoken to a few graduates. They are not at all impressed with the effort the University has put into sending its students off into the real world. It is most often hot and sticky in the tent and if it happens to rain on your commencement day, good luck!

The new archives building comes with a price tag of 100 million dollars. Under the terms of the agreement the university has with the Province, York University will pay for building and the new Archives of Ontario facility is responsible for operating it. The province will sign a thirty five year lease that specifies payment of six million dollars per year by the province. Hopefully within that 35 year span and an extra six million dollars coming in each of those years the University will find some money to build a convocational hall for its students.

York University’s Graduation Tent

Where in Toronto? #10- 2007

Where in Toronto? #10- 2007
Photo by arvin.

Which intersection was this photo taken?

Bonus question: Name the steepled building in the far background.

NB: The name of the street was edited out ’cause this was already too easy.

Last Chance For Negligence


This weekend is your last chance to go to Steam Whistle and see Gross Negligence. No this is not a MADD event. Gross Negligence is an action sports photo show that runs until April 29th at the Steam Whistle Brewing Art Gallery.

The show will feature artistic impressions from a variety of action sports including snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, skiing, bmx, mountain biking, wakeskating and surfing. The show will highlight the absolute dedication and marriage of art and sport with over twenty artists on display ranging from amateur to professional.

All exhibitions are open free to the public – Monday to Saturday 12noon to 6pm and Sunday 12 noon to 5pm.

April 27, 1813: US Attacks Toronto


So here is your weekly dose of Toronto History. Exactly 193 years ago today I am sadly reporting that yes indeed Toronto (York as it was back then) was captured by the Americans. The Americans were looking to take control of the War of 1912 and looked across the lake for land to occupy. Their first target was Kingston but they had received reports that Kingston had thousands of troops waiting for an attack. They were fooled because Kingston at that time only had a few hundred troops on hand.

Their second choice was York, after all it was the capital of what was then Upper Canada. In the early morning of April 27, 1813 the Americans attacked the shores of our city.

Toronto FC – Home on Saturday

With the first home game on Saturday will Toronto FC score their FIRST GOAL? It was painful to watch the 3-0 yesterday but I’m sure they will mature as the season continues…

Leave your attitude at home fans. “Soccer hooliganism” or it’s potential has meant some serious restrictions at BMO Field. The strangest to me, NO UMBRELLAS. Umm, an open air stadium and no umbrellas allowed. Are you guys kidding??? I guess only VIP’s and box holders deserve to be dry watching the game.

Oh well, time to support your newest sport’s team (rine or shine…LoL)

Kickin’ It With Toronto FC


Looking forward to checking out the new soccer stadium again now that it’s finished. The Toronto FC have an away game but I’ve been invited to check them out tonight on the big screen at BMO field.

Go team!

Spring Into Summer

Summer Day in Spring
photo by arvin

Toronto the Good or Toronto the Bust?


Ok, so here we are living in a city that is just about broke. For some, 7.8 billion dollars does not seem to be a lot to operate a city of 3 million people. What is that, $2600 per person? I guess that price tag is going to be a little less for some considering there are others who will take from what you’re owed to go play golf and visit the zoo this summer. Putting that aside, the whole idea around the city going broke sometimes sounds kind of scary don’t you think? Knowing that our emergency reserve is just about dry does not sit well with me. Yes, the city will cash in on what is owed from the province but it’s not enough. David Miller needs to pull a few tricks up out of his sleeve because this doesn’t look good. If this continues we are probably going to see our “ranking’ as second and fifteenth best city to live in take a nose dive. We could revitalize the waterfront and the Don Lands a dozen more times, or pretend to and put up new street furniture all around the city but at the end of the day how much money does Toronto have left in its wallet? There should be a little something there because like I always say… You never know what will happen.

Climate Change Action Forum

Time to let the city know where you stand on climate change. Mayor David Miller and the city are taking public consultations on climate change.

More info at


Exhibition Place
Direct Energy Centre, Hall C


Sunday April 29, 2007
Open House: 12-1pm
Forum: 1-4:30pm

Registration required. Call 416-338-0338. Bicycle Parking Available for those who are really hardcore greenies.

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