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Three weeks ago, I came back from a two month, exhilarating vacation…excited. I was excited for the start of my long awaited attempt to finally go to University. I applied, filled out forms and sent in documents only to find myself feeling a little antagonistic towards one little word: T u i t i o n.

I know the old phrase “you get what you pay for” but honestly I am a little stumped. I believed that though there is differences between provinces, education prices wouldn’t be too far apart. Of course reputation and skill in the program would offer some differences but overall things should be rather equal in all provinces. (Sort of an equal-opportunity sort of thing) I was surprised to find the following about the program I was applying to.

U of T – $7200+ |
Ryerson – $6500+
McGill – *$3400+ |
Concordia – *$2900+

Depending on where you went to school or what your view is you could argue for price differences but not for such a HUGE difference I think. To top all this off apparently the government has given the green light to tuition increases again.

*Prices given for those residing in the province

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  1. arv (unregistered) on March 14th, 2007 @ 11:37 pm

    And there’s really very little students can do about it. Universities having the turnover that they do (a new crop in and out every year), it’s easy for these institutions of higher learning to raise tuition.

    Students are to blame as well. It seems that most are willing to accept tuition raises. I went to a Freeze Tuition rally and was terribly disappointed by the turnout. You’d think students would be smart enough to complain. Higher learning indeed.

    As they say in UofT, “Great Minds with Great Debts.”

    Go to McGill. It’s a nice city and affordable too!

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