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Good Time for Procrastinators?

Whoa what a crazy last couple of days. Who would have thought that market moves in China would have our TSX bleed nearly 400 points. Well if you haven’t bought any RRSP’s yet you just may get yourself a “deal”. Remember March 1st is the deadline to contribute!!!

the rocket man

well, virgin claims to list the top 11 underground rail systems in the world. no surprise that london is #1. no surprise that toronto, didn’t even make it on the list. i was surprised though that montreal did. good for you montreal.

A New Food Website

A selection of food bloggers, including local chefs and established food writers, have come together to provide the daily dish on food happenings in Toronto. With everything from restaurant reviews and shop profiles, to editorial features, interviews, and harrowing stories from the city’s restaurant kitchens, as well as regular round-ups of news items and web-related stories to food in Toronto,, new food and drink website, has got something for everyone Greg Clow told Toronto Metblogs. was created by the husband and wife team of Greg Clow and Sheryl Kirby; regular contributors include local chefs Signe Langford (of Riverside CafĂ© and Amber), Jason Grenier, and Howard Dubrovsky (of CBC’s Gill Deacon Show), food writer Tikka Smiley, and holistic nutritionist Cathy Bouchard, as well as a collection of Toronto bloggers, food lovers, and writers.

It’s an attractive site with an easy-to-read design, with photographs and illustrations designed to make you drool and head right out to try the purveyors of these gorgeous-looking coffees or comforting looking foods. I urge you to check it out.

Big Fish, Little Fish: Voices on Bullying

Carlyn Zwarenstein of Voices for Children sent this invitation to have a new look at the old problem of bullying.

It’s not about the bully, the bystander, or the victim — it’s about the relationships among them. It’s not just about kids in the classroom — it’s about families in trouble, relationship skills in a big fish-eats-little-fish society, and Donald Trump in your living room. We invite you for a new look at an old problem.

Tonight, Tuesday, February 27th, 7:00 pm. Innis Town Hall, 2 Sussex Ave, a free, public event will be held. It will be in question and answer format where parents, young people, educators, and members of the public concerned about the critical phenomenon of bullying can speak with young people with experience from both sides of the issue, with Dr. Faye Mishna, an expert on cyber-bullying, with Angelo Sartor, a youth worker who works on anti-bullying initiatives, and Dr. Debra Pepler, a top Canadian anti-bullying researcher who has just written a report — launching at the event — calling for a new approach to bullying.

One price at a time…

I have no idea when the new Walmart opened up on Eglinton Ave E near Warden but it is huge with a large grocery section.

Now, whether or not this corporation destroys or is a godsend.. honestly it is really cheaper in some instances. My one (only 1 but there are more) comparison is Old El Paso Hot Salsa. (Large bottle) At Dominion it goes for about $4.49 or so but at Walmart sells for $2.99. This is only a dollar-fifty difference but it can do wonders for the psyche when purchasing. I don’t mean to be singing praises, but the meat section looked good and well.. I guess we all slowly will get drawn into having no other option than living, shopping and eventually being cremated in our neighbourhood Walmarts.


Skateboard Madness at CBMK

Rushed back to the burbs on the GoTrain in time to skate at CBMK. It was great catching up with the locals and skating the Pole Bowl and mini. Doesn’t happen enough!!! Nothing like a heated indoor skatepark to melt away the return of winters wrath!

It was also great to see a few from the Rudy’s Skatepark (199? – 1992 R.I.P.) era too… The GTA has had it’s share of amazing skaters…


Nothing is as bittersweet as returning home after a long vacation. Yes it is wonderful to be around the familiar again, but horrible to have left what became normal and routine. So, after two flights totalling more than 19 hours I stroll through Pearson airports new “Terminal 1” to find that we still have to pay $2.00 for a luggage cart! Especially bothersome was noticing this little detail after the Air Canada in-plane movie boasted about how Toronto’s new Terminal 1 is rated the finest North American airport terminal. We have some awesome standards I guess. The way the place looks is more important I guess than functionality?

We walked forever to get to customs and then have to pay for that little cart that seems bigger, and free most everywhere else. Other visitors from the plane also complained loudly about that little unexpected fee. The part that was the most upsetting however was the phrase that read something like this: “A 25 cent reward will be paid for the return of the cart to one of these stations”

Call For Authors

Metroblogging Toronto is growing. To accommodate this growth, we need new authors to write and delight. In short, we need you.

We’re looking for people who love living in our large and friendly metropolis. People who know Toronto like the back of their hand… or are willing to learn.

We’re looking for people who know how to turn a phrase. We’re looking for people who can, nay, WILL dedicate themselves to Hogtown, its culture, its people–and willing to write about it.

What’s in it for me, you ask? Fame and possibly some fortune! The good kind, like in a cookie.

You’ll be writing often, so you need to be committed. But who wouldn’t want to write about York? This is the Centre of the Universe afterall!

If you’re interested in joining the intrepid and dysfunctional staff at Metroblogging Toronto, send a writing sample in the body of your email to notarvin&#43me @ by March 11, 2007. While you’re at it, tell us why you want to write for Metroblogging Toronto. Is it for fame or the promise of hidden pirate treasure? ‘Cause I know nothing about a hidden pirate cove on Lake Ontario. I swear! No attachments please ’cause viruses suck smelly farts out of dead chickens’ assholes.

Be as long-winded as you want, but be reasonable. We tend to fall asleep after 500 words or so.

Be witty, be innovative, be informative, and most of all be you.

NB: Space is limited so act now. Promise of fortune cookie and pirate treasure may not actually be true. Face it, there’s no treasure. Let it go.

Bussin v. Anglican Rector | Between the Cracks

Rev. Janet Sidey of St. Monica’s (an Anglican storefront church on Gerrard St. E.) advocates for the destitute in her parish calmly and persistently. Councillor Sandra Bussin is miffed. Well, who wouldn’t be? The city, Bussin’s bailiwick, takes a year to do nothing to help out two old men, one a former POW in WWII, and their neighbourhood from the deterioration of their home (no money for repairs) and the bullying of crackheads, and Rev. Sidey comes along and in two days solves the problem, and in doing so gives back hope and a huge smile to the former POW.

The best part of this story? W5 showed Bussin’s true stripes. It’s about damn time someone did.

The Year of the Boar!!!

Well it’s that time on the lunar calendar. The year of the Boar (Pig)! As usual Toronto is host to the largest Chinese New Year Festival in Canada.

Check it out!!!

Toronto Celebrates Lunar New Year 2007
February 16 to February 18, 2007
Automotive Building, Exhibition Place
Direct Energy Centre
Toronto, Ontario

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