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Did West49 Drop Out?

The World Cup of Skateboarding posted their 2007 schedule. Looks as though there wont be a GTA stop on the tour. For the last few years the Canadian Open was held before or around Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

Hmmm, no Canadian Open??? Did West49 drop the ball or are there simply too many big ticket sponsors willing to pay more than them (for prize money etc)??? It will be interesting to hear what the story is considering they put on one of two Canadian Pro contests…

Not everyone was a fan of the open but at least an effort was made. There are always the streets and skateparks, Canadian Open or no…

Why Are They Parking “THERE”?

Got a bit uneasy today. The rumours have been confirmed by the Toronto Sun.

Yes, Pearson is being used as a military stop-over and not just for our Canadian Forces. While many Canadians supported the spirit of the original mission many more are the looking to cutting the Afgan mission short based on “a lack of focus”. Had a bit of a nervous laugh when someone on the train “joked” about Harper’s quest for a Pearl Harbour / 9-11 by allowing US planes to land here making Torontonians targets in the so-called war on terror. “Why else would the let them park those things there?”

Personally I’m sure domestic airports get “used” like this all the time and it’s no more comforting than hearing a sick comment from a conspiracy theorist. People flying out of Pearson, or any airport that matter, have enough airplane jitters. So Steve, can you ask your friend not to park his gear at Pearson??? It will make everyone feel a little safer… Thanks…LoL

Garbage Bags, Plastic Bags, What’s Next on De Baeremaeker’s List?

Glenn De Baeremaeker, new Works Committee Chair, is every Torontonian’s boogeyman under the bed. He is a menace to my sanity, and I’m sure everyone else’s. If you listen to this guy, you’re sure to have a sleepless night and a stressful day. He began his stint-in-charge with his garbage bag rant; now he’s threatening to ban plastic bags wholesale from Toronto stores and homes. Methinks he’s been watching that couple who are going garbage-free for a month and thinks that’s a great idea for the rest of us poor sods. Someone should go search his garbage bags and watch what he sneaks out the back in the trunk of his car, so we’ll all know the truth of his convictions and see who really has the extra energy and time to handle the garbage and the shopping in his household.

McDonald’s Puts Out Different Fires

Metroblogging Karachi: How to avoid mullahs burning your store down?

While here in the west, McDonald’s worries about fighting off the health-nuts and getting the US government to pass a law banning lawsuits against them for making people fat (according to what I remember from Supersize Me), over in Karachi, they have bigger fires to fear. Literal ones actually.

Mansoor of Metroblogging Karachi writes about “mullahs trying to take down the ‘foreign chains’ by burning and/or otherwise destroying different outlets.” Nice tactic that. But McDonald’s shows once again why they’re the Emperor of fast food: instead of just hopelessly hoping against more fires, they have, in the best tradition of rational thinking, studied their enemy and devised a simple plan. Use their own fanaticism against them. Clever. Rather. Or at least until the mullahs figure out a way around McDonald’s cognitive dissonance-inducing maneuvre.

ABSOLUT Winner – Woo hoo!


Very honoured and happy to have won a trip to London UK in the ABSOLUT Vodka photo contest. Makes my first non-OT working weekend of 2007 even better. I’ll definitely kick back and shoot some photos with the bros and skate at the indoor skatepark this weekend… YEAH!

Who’s Responsible for Traffic Deaths?

From some of the reaction I received to my last post, I sense that people are not too happy with the way the police handle traffic issues. I myself have watched in puzzlement as the number of traffic cops in Toronto have dwindled since the 1970s, as regular speed traps disappeared, and most of all the establishment of the Collision Reporting Centres. Although more people die as a result of cars than guns,* police take very seriously the latter, even stepping up their efforts to curb death by gun, than they do the former.

Bill 107 is LAME…

What were they thinking on Queen’s Park? The recently passed Bill 107 is a major step backwards as far as rights for the disabled (and everyone else for that matter). The Bill made changes to the Human Rights code weakening the powers of the Ontario Human Rights Commision and burdens a disabled person with more costs to fight for their rights???

The Toronto Star was right to scold the individuals in the McGuinty government for drafting it. Attorney General Michael Bryant’s office touted the changes as a way to strengthen? the current legislation… There are some improvements BUT it’s really a way to download human rights issues to the civil courts. This is of course at the expense of the victims who will now have to pay far more to fight for their claims even though they are far less equiped to do so. Worst yet is that the same Mike Harris closed-to-the-public debate enabled such a drastic change in legislation to pass. Shame, shame.

With an ageing workforce that is no longer forced to retire you would think that there would be more done to aid seniors and the disabled.

Privitizing Human Rights might be profitable to some but not to those fighting to have their voices heard and rights upheld.

Get Tanked Or Stay Straight Off The Hooch

One doesn’t need a Oil Industry 101 course or a trusty guide to the best spots to fuel your vehicle to know that gas prices have dropped. Warmer than usual Winter weather and Joe and Jane consumer leaving their SUV’s at the curb seems to be the reason. Even in the midst of this cold snap Crude futures touched down close to $50 (a level not seen since BEFORE KATRINA) and edged back up only to $52 a barrel!

The Big 3 are running scared getting hit with major losses. The reality of paying $75+ or more to fill your minivan or truck every five minutes has Toyota and Honda poised to top the industry with their Hybrid and more effecient models. To be fair Ford (and the others) have started to “get it” and posting some gains thanks to their smaller car offerings but the tide is changing.

Personally my nearly car free (care free?) commute to the downtown core is far preferable to my previous 20 min of rushour hell on wheels. An hour or two delay on the train or subway every once and awhile beats black ice and a face full of guardrail anyday.

Fill up while you can or continue your crawl, walk, bike, or TTC campaign… This “gas repreive” will not last…

Where in Toronto? #2 – 2007

photo by arvin

This is my first W.I.T. so it’s an easy one. Enjoy!

Are Drivers Bad in T.O.?

We were talking after Christmas about story ideas for Toronto Metroblog, and the question came up: is it safe to drive in Toronto? I had a ready answer to that question — No! — but at the time was still obedient to my muzzle and said nothing. Then about a week and a half ago, I had a wake-up call, and no more will I remain silent, not about what happened to me nor about what happens every day because of the culpability of the government, the shenanigans of the automobile insurance industry, and the sheer destructiveness of our so-called legal system, all of whom allow bad drivers continue to be bad drivers.

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