Franco-phony, Anglo-phony

J’ai regardé le fil “Bon cop, Bad cop” le weekend passé (avec mon épouse francophone ). Tout d’abord, c’étais très très fantastique de voir Tim Hortons, La tour CN…(I dont know how to say “posing as themselves”)

The film had it’s own Canadian styled plot (about hockey), a character named Harry Buttman (Gary Bettman) and even Rick Mercer staring as Tom Berry…a Don Cherry-like commentator. It’s a pretty funny movie to watch especially if you can see it with a bilingual crowd!

I didn’t intend to write this as so much a review as just a film that portrays Toronto, Montréal and in a sense then Canada in a unique light in today’s cinema. It also made me realize I need to work on my french…Pain Doré or Pain Perdu?

Please also visit the Montreal Metblogs posting for this movie, written when it came out.

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