Toronto’s First Gift to the World: Green AC

Since November 26, Metroblogging sites around the globe have been unveiling seven gifts their cities can share with the world – one gift a day for seven days. Toronto was a bit late starting but are hoping to accelerate our sharing of this weeks topic. David Markland over at the Los Angeles metblog site has put up an ongoing guide for all the posts on this subject.

Toronto presents the world our deep lake water cooling system. (see previous post on this subject). A clean and sustainable technology which made it’s home in Toronto as the first downtown core to be cooled this way. There are other places that use this technology like the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority and one at Cornell University but have yet to be expanded. Stockholm and Dubai are implementing this and the Makai Ocean Engineering firm in Hawaii is hoping to bring this to the masses as well.

So, such a system is only great if it is utilised as much as possible. Toronto hopes to continue to expand it’s usage of this system by getting businesses interested in both the advertising (“Hey! We’re a ‘green’ company!”) and cost savings over time. (Example: Tridel [a condominium developer] used it as a sales factor.)

This won’t save the world, but it is a seemingly nice start.

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