Deep lake water cooling

What is the current status of this project I asked myself?

The City of Toronto invested in the Enwave Energy Corporation, who take naturally cold water (4 degrees C) from deep down in Lake Ontario and use it to remove the heat from their circulated chilled water supply system.

The city’s Metro Hall started using this system in June 2006 and saved enough energy to power 174 houses annually.

Current Details
46 buildings have signed up for this system, and 27 buildings had been connected by this past July.

Hopefully the benefits of such a system continue to prove to exceed any downsides. And perhaps more cities could tap into this or Deep Ocean water cooling as well. It’s an interesting, easy seeming fix to wasted energy.

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  1. Mark Dowling (unregistered) on November 8th, 2006 @ 9:17 am

    I strongly believe Mississauga should be strong-armed by the province into getting a DLWC system now that they are building a city core, so they don’t have to retrofit later.

    Locals have been objecting to new powerplants in the area so it’s only fair that if Mississauga isn’t adding much more power to the grid (besides the small plants near Pearson) then they should help reduce load instead.

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