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Legends of the Fall

Glad To Be On The “Good” Side of the Lake

I was shivering the night away last night and cursing the first few pellets of snow in the city. It wasn’t not all bad. Managed to hook up the “new” CHAVEZ best of at Rotate This! before I went out to the pub and I’m glad for that. That definitely helped warm my spirits before scrapping the frost off my windshield this morning. Fall is here and Winter is coming but we should hardly cry foul. Buffalo got hit HARD for October!!!

It’s all right to complain a bit, just be thankful to be on the “good” side of the lake here in Toronto…

St. Clair Avenue Construction Update

Not to dig up the recent past, but I’m glad the reconstruction of the St. Clair Streetcar tracks are underway and going smoothly.

During the first couple of days of construction, the noise level was unbearable. But it quickly blended into the background noise of the big city. What was worse than the noise, however, was the traffic. The first two weeks of construction saw motorists honking, yelling and offering fellow drivers friendly advice on how and where to fornicate themselves. It was a free exchange of ideas right on the open street.

As you can tell from the picture, this section of the track is almost complete. Before long St. Clair Avenue will be spacious and pretty-fied.

St. Clair Streetcar Track Construction Oct 10, 2006

Many people have many opinions on the construction and whether or not the city should assign a right-of-way for streetcars. Some argue that since it worked on Spadina, it’s going to work on St. Clair. Local businesses have been against it, since during the construction phase their business will suffer. Some commuters argue that a bus is more economical. Others love the Red Rocket.

What do you think?

St. Clair Street Car

It’s on again and progressing smoothly.

St. Clair Streetcar Rail Construction Sept 26, 2006
Photo by arvin


I can’t help but love Toronto resident K’naan who will let such certain words drop from his mouth at the Harbourfront Centre tonight at 7pm. I wish I knew about this ahead of time and hope I will be able to see him this time.

The cost for this show was $20 in advance and $25 at the door with $10 from each ticket going to “Shoot with This“.

50,000 Posts! has reached the milestone of 50,000 posts with a momentous post about the makeover of a memorable Melbourne marker.

Here’s to 50,000 more, mates!

History Outside Your Door #5 …

A big gala was held yesterday and celebrations are on all weekend at the Toronto Aerospace Museum related to the rollout of an AVRO Arrow replica.

Catch a glimpse of one of Canada’s crowning engineering achievements during the Cold War; a World Class interceptor that would have been used to defend our Northern Territory had Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and his Conservative government not cancelled the project. At the time they reasoned that the Russian space program was a greater threat than manned bombers in the north and the push beyond the project fell apart. The government pulled the plug and scrapped all AVRO Arrows built or in production. CBC has some interesting articles and of course produced a dramatization about this story starring Dan Akroyd some time ago.

This long weekend is a perfect time to see this piece of history up close…

The Avro Arrow Replica Rollout
Sunday, October 8, 2006 at 2:00 pm at the Toronto Aerospace Museum.
Parc Downsview Park
65 Carl Hall Road
Toronto, ON
M3K 2E1
Phone: (416) 638-6078
Fax: (416) 638-5509

The museum will have an “Open House” on two days.
Sunday, from noon to 4:00 pm
Monday (Thanksgiving Day) from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Admission each day is “Pay What You Can” (PWYC) donation suggested.

Rekindled My Love of B&W


Been awhile since I shot Black and White. Hooked up some choice expired film awhile back and experimented with some of my toy cameras. WoW…

Love this pic I shot on Yonge Street. Could you have guessed that this was shot in 2006?

Jumping on the Island Airport Bandwagon???

It’s official. There are 10 daily flights to Ottawa on Bombardier turboprop planes from Toronto Island Airport. Porter Air is charging from $120 to $319 for the trip (the cheap tickets have a $100 cancellation fee while higher fee tickets allow for more refundable travel). Heard that Porter even provides a shuttle from Union to the Ferry.

So you can take a 1 hour Porter Prop-Plane flight versus other options…

Greyhound Bus – 5 to 6 hours trip
Bus (advance tickets as low as $39 – Regular $75)

Via Train – 4.5 hours trip
Regular Fare for Coach to VIA1 first class ($109 – $173 before Tax)
Discount Fare for Coach to VIA1 first class ($80 – $149 before Tax)

Air Canada Flight or Tango – 1 hour
Discount Fare for first class ($111 – $456 before Tax and Fees)

Our right to quiet

Given that talking on a cell phone while driving is widely considered to be dangerous, when I heard a report on 680am news about “Gabby Cabbies” I thought it was a safety concern that was being underlines. I was mistaken. What is being discussed (and I wonder how this became a big news item without a death or something else to make people focus on it) is that we, as customers of the taxi, have the right to silence in a cab. One person said something like:

“I really don’t need to hear all the personal details about the driver’s life…”

while another said that:

“If I truly wanted peace and quiet I would drive myself.”

Since the entire topic of safety wasn’t brought up in the report at all I too will make the mistake of looking past it and just talk about the annoyance factor.

I have only experienced this “gabby cabbie” thing a handful of times. Usually, (whether the driver is either on the phone or needs to make one while I am in the car) they apologizes, and then ask if I would mind if they continued the call or if they could dial one for a minute. I wonder personally how many cab drivers are subjected to loud, annoying and probably rude customers talking on cell phones in their car as if the driver has no feelings whatsoever about what they are forced to hear.

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