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There has been a lot of reporting about the Mayoral candidate responses to help create dedicated streetcar and/or bus lanes in the city. Today I stumbled across Darren J’s Bike Refugee page where he linked the following items regarding other means of transportation.

tcat, (Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation) had made up two surveys and passed them out to the Mayoral and Council candidates.

Mayoral candidate responses.
Council candidate responses.
(you can search for your councillor’s by Ward)

Some of the council candidates didn’t do much more than select “Strongly Agree” and left no comments, others did write in their thoughts and reasoning for supporting (or not) an initiative.

For the Mayors, one strong question that was posed asked for support of the following:

Do you support funding the following programs to build links between cycling and transit?

* Funding the expansion of the bus bike rack project to all TTC routes by 2010
* Providing enhanced Bike Parking or Bike Stations at all TTC subway stations and transit hubs by 2010
* Installing a full Bike Station that includes supervised bike parking, change facilities and other services at Union Station as part of its reconstruction.

Responses in “Continue Reading…” or go to the main ‘tcat’ site.

Nicholas Brooks : Strongly Support – no comments
Shaun Bruce : Somewhat Support – “…making such Bike parking supervised by any means other then existing video surveillance would need to be looked at by a budget committee…”
Glenn Coles : Strongly Support – no comments
Gerald Derome : No Answer – but did say elsewhere: “Everyone should work, learn & teach, live, play and sleep one half hour of walking or cycling from one point to another. Reduce the automobiles by half then more street lanes will be available for those previous sidewalk usages, strollers and disability go carts.”
Mitch Gold : Strongly Support – “I would like to know why we do not engage in a free bicycle supply at all major areas (subways) large buildings”
David Miller (Incumbent) : Survey not returned
Jane Pitfield : Somewhat Support – “Linking cycling to the TTC is a fantastic idea and we need to provide conveniences for cyclists”…
David Shiebel : Strongly Support – no comments
Mehmet Ali Yegiz : Strongly Support – “Yes, I support those projects. My two brand new bicycles have been stolen in the past two years.”

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