Naming conventions?

Some of my “newly acquired” relatives were visiting Toronto for the first time, from South Africa and they stayed here for a month. (I just got married last month, and they just left last week) They made some observations on the differences between Cape Town and Toronto and on other things they saw.

One of these things leaped out at me though when seen from a visitors eye.

“Why do they call it the Sick Kids Hospital? Isn’t a hospital already for people who are sick or injured? Why not the Toronto Children’s Hospital or something?” Interesting. Does anyone have a theory on why we have to ensure we highlight the SICK portion? To be honest it hit me that you are more likely to donate money to the SICK KIDS hospital than a regular children’s one but maybe I am being too cynical…

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  1. Eric (unregistered) on October 20th, 2006 @ 1:41 pm

    I beleive it was originally Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, which has for a long time been referred to in conversation as “Sick Kid’s” for efficiency. Oddly, they have picked up this nick name now for official use.

  2. arvin (unregistered) on October 21st, 2006 @ 11:53 am

    It wasn’t that long ago (within the last decade) that the Hospital for Sick Children adopted “SickKids” as their new operating name, but I think that legally, it still uses the longer name. Either way, marketing SickKids is more efficient. Apparently.

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