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How long…

Although other articles have been written on the subject almost every year since, in mid-2000 the CBC wrote an article titled “Free newspapers angering TTC

I decided to take some photographs on my way home (34 Eglinton Ave E bus) to see what the situation was like today on an average bus. These were taken at 7pm and well… do you agree that it is pretty normal to see this still in 2006?

(Happy Halloween Toronto!)


Free Your Software…

Ever wonder about free software? Here’s your chance, the Free Software and Open Source Symposium. Tomorrow will be your last chance to catch guest speakers from Linux, Mozilla, Sun, and Apple speak on the hot topic of Free/Open Source software. Find out what the buzz is about concerning Ubuntu Firefox/Thunderbird and more.

You may find that FREE will set you free!

The Free Software and Open Source Symposium
October 26-27th, 2006 – 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
York University Campus, Toronto

Note: that a limited number of walk-ins on a first-come first-served basis for the symposium on Friday. Go to the registration desk at the south end of the SEQ building to see about available spaces.


Another West Nile Victim?

Not sure what is worse? Toronto’s latest victim of West Nile Virus maybe someone at the Toronto Zoo or that an arctic creature was victim to a temparate virus?

Alternate transportation

There has been a lot of reporting about the Mayoral candidate responses to help create dedicated streetcar and/or bus lanes in the city. Today I stumbled across Darren J’s Bike Refugee page where he linked the following items regarding other means of transportation.

tcat, (Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation) had made up two surveys and passed them out to the Mayoral and Council candidates.

Mayoral candidate responses.
Council candidate responses.
(you can search for your councillor’s by Ward)

Some of the council candidates didn’t do much more than select “Strongly Agree” and left no comments, others did write in their thoughts and reasoning for supporting (or not) an initiative.

For the Mayors, one strong question that was posed asked for support of the following:

Do you support funding the following programs to build links between cycling and transit?

* Funding the expansion of the bus bike rack project to all TTC routes by 2010
* Providing enhanced Bike Parking or Bike Stations at all TTC subway stations and transit hubs by 2010
* Installing a full Bike Station that includes supervised bike parking, change facilities and other services at Union Station as part of its reconstruction.

Responses in “Continue Reading…” or go to the main ‘tcat’ site.

~ 50 ~

The Metroblogging world just added it’s newest member: Graz, Austria! I will admit that this is the first city added that I had never heard of before. (Besides the fictional Azeroth of course)

I looked up a few facts and found that Graz has a population of about 250,000 and sits at about a 2 hour drive south of sister metblog city Vienna.

Why not head over and welcome them to the Metroblogging group?

1024 Returns to Toronto… THE WORLD


I’m honoured and excited to be involved in with 1024 again this year. Basically this project is an annual 24 hour day in the life, shoot from the hip, image hunt, participated in around the world. Starting October 24th at 10:24 GMT the photos shoot begins…

It’s always interesting to see what people come up with, I always try to shoot something a bit different. Last year it was cross processed slide film. Not sure what’s in store this time around… Lot’s of flash / night photography??? Got a world of OT to work but if I have to I’ll try shoot some great shots of my desk lamp or computer at work…LoL

Yeah Black Market!!!

So glad that I went to the Lula Lounge last night. It’s been too long since I’ve gone to see Black Market play live. They played their usual two powerhouse sets. A well received debut at the Lula Lounge. Now if I could have arrived earlier and received some more dance lessons from Sarita I really would have been in business…

Salsa Fridays & Saturdays at the Lula… ALWAYS AWESOME!!!

1585 Dundas St. West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M6K 1T9
Reservations and Inquiries: 416.588.0307

Naming conventions?

Some of my “newly acquired” relatives were visiting Toronto for the first time, from South Africa and they stayed here for a month. (I just got married last month, and they just left last week) They made some observations on the differences between Cape Town and Toronto and on other things they saw.

One of these things leaped out at me though when seen from a visitors eye.

“Why do they call it the Sick Kids Hospital? Isn’t a hospital already for people who are sick or injured? Why not the Toronto Children’s Hospital or something?” Interesting. Does anyone have a theory on why we have to ensure we highlight the SICK portion? To be honest it hit me that you are more likely to donate money to the SICK KIDS hospital than a regular children’s one but maybe I am being too cynical…

quakes and shakes

hey guys,

just to let you know, metroblogging hawaii is now reporting on the earthquake that hit the big island. catch up on all your news there. the reporting may be a bit sporadic as they are having connectivity issues there.

go and read up the indepth over there.

Flowing Like A Flowing River

Human River

What connection does Old Fort York have with Christie Pits? The Garrison Creek of course!

I had a blast joining the Human River this past Sunday(October 14-15) on the 2nd Annual Human River Walk and Art Show. The walk was organized by the Toronto Public Spacing Committee and many other volunteers. Everyone did an amazing job melding arts, crafts, music, information and a walk through the interconnected neighbourhoods where Garrison Creek still flows (under our feet.)

If you missed out on this fun…

There’s always next year. Better yet why wait… Go on your own adventure and take a “Discovery Walk” through Toronto!

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