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Shooting in Montreal

There has been a shooting at a college in Montreal. Metroblogging Montreal is covering the issue in complete detail.

Blue Carts To Replace Blue Bins

The City of Toronto Works Committee is deciding on using large blue carts to replace the blue boxes in the city’s recycling program. According to the Toronto Sun, approximately $28.5 million could be spent on replacing the smaller boxes in favour of the larger capacity carts.

Fun Fun Fun at the Food Fair…


Staying true to my Harbourfront ritual I hit up ONE LOVE for some classic BBQ Corn to kick off my Veggie Fest. There were a lot of great booths. But after walking about the Fest the next mission became apparent. Dessert! It was easy to find. Samples and treats were everywhere… Champ of the day???…Sweets of the Earth!!! The Vegan Cakes!!!. Trust me, these are simply AMAZING, and that’s coming from somone who doesn’t usually like vegan cake. Of course there were Tofutti Cuties and Popsicles (for 50 cents whoohoo…) but these could not stand up to SotE cake…

After this my crew ventured north to Buddha’s Vegatarian for dinner, to continue our Veggie fest theme. (Thanks to Mr. Antic for his forensic evidence – #35 prior to it’s total demise.)

Get your pens and papers ready. Take note. Buddha’s Vegetarian should be on the top of your list of restaurants. Best value for your money and great food for your mind and body. (I most heartily recommend #35 – Singapore Curry Vermicelli… Though the Imitation duck with hot sauce is an not too distant second…MMMM)

666 Dundas St. W. (Dundas East of Bathurst)
Toronto, ON
M5T 1H9

Wednesday to Sunday: 11:00am – 8:00pm
Tuesday: CLOSED

Food Not Bombs?

During the NDP’s convention in Quebec over the weekend Hon. Jack Layton, MP for Toronto–Danforth, called for his delegates to “stand together and reiterate our support for the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces and bring them home”.

While something clearly has to be done in response to the attacks on this day 5 years ago, the use of military force is proving to be costly and ineffective. Canada does have an important role to play in Afghanistan, but the current focus doesn’t seem to fit it. It’s looking more and more like the government doesn’t seem to want to work on humanitarian efforts as Canadians have in the past and instead are on the “offensive”. (probably why Layton is pushing his message to break from the U.S. style of mission). Whatever your political leaning it’s hard not to argue for a re-focus of the mission. A full a pull out should eventually be part of the plan so ho long should aid and troops stay? (Afgan’s should be keeper’s of their destiny… but when will they stop needing “help”?? Will this mission continue to take precedent over other areas in need? A sticky issue indeed!

Not hard to summarize the dollars and nonsense involved when fighting a war (not to mention ALL the lives needlessly lost) Take a moment of silence both for the victims of 9/11 and the innocent civilians killed abroad EVERYWHERE… Whether it’s Afghanistan, Avenue Road or around the corner we should be working towards peace…

Metroblogging Umbrella

It started with a short turn. A short turn is when a bus turns earlier than it normally does and changes direction.

“Passengers, please be advised that this bus is short turning on…”

The driver had barely finished the sentence when my internal monologue chimed in.

“Who the hell turns there? No one turns there!” They usually turn near home.

The announcement meant a far walk home on a dark, cloudy day. I hoped the rain would start then and there and wear itself out by the time the bus got to its turn.

It did. Or so I thought.

I watched the rain hit the window of the bus. Then it stopped. Passengers got off and I observed the bus make its turn as I started my walk home. After ten minutes of fast walking, it started to pour.

There was about a hundred metres left on my journey. I thought I could make it. I thought wrong. The rain was pounding and the strong wind from the west didn’t help things.

“That building is always open,” I mused. I hurried in where another soul was seeking refuge from the unforgiving rain.

“I’ll give it ten minutes.”

Ten minutes later, “I’ll give it another ten minutes.” I couldn’t see my house, but if I moved five metres into the rain, I would.

The pour turned to a trickle and as a brave but soaked girl walked past me, I made my move.

As I got wetter and wetter, I wished for one thing: the now famous Metroblogging Umbrella. That’s what I’m going to call it and I am dedicating this post to the original poster who brought that little umbrella into existence.

And as for me? I got home. I was soaked but I was home.

Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival

Sorry for the late notice, but I just found out.

I can’t believe they’re running it at the same time as the TIFF! According to Gina Dineen, founder of the festival, “This year’s event will be a brilliant, bang-up event, and a grassroots, green carpet alternative to the Toronto Film Fest.” I hope she’s right.

In any case, tickets are only $10, unlike the TIFF. For a list of movies check out

Date: Friday, September 8th, 2006

Time: Box Office & doors open at 7pm

Location: Winchester Street Theatre, 80 Winchester Street

Tickets: $10. Available at the door, or in advance from the Cabbagetown BIA Office, 237 Carlton Street (416-921-0857)

Wi-Fi goes Live

Toronto Hydro Telecom yesterday lit up what is expected to become one of the largest wireless Internet networks in North America, and told Torontonians how much they will have to pay for the service. After an initial free period of six months, the company’s WiFi zone will cost $29 a month, $10 a day, or $5 an hour for speeds of up to 7 Mbps.

Toronto’s new downtown wireless network went live yesterday. Here’s how it works:

1- Get into the zone. If you want to use it at home, and you live within the wireless zone boundaries, it’s recommended that you buy a WiFi modem.

2- You will need a cellphone to register for and receive a username and password.

3- Using a wireless-enabled computer or PDA, open the software that controls your network connections and search for available wireless networks. When “SSID One Zone High Speed Internet” appears,

4- Open a web browser window and select the new user page. Enter in your mobile phone number. A username and password will be sent instantly to your cellphone via text message.

5- Enter the username and password into the web browser. Your login can be used by up to four people simultaneously, and is valid for free service until March.


True Love on Friday

Of course the Toronto Film Festival is in town. There are some interesting titles this year. Clearly Canadian, controversial, in tune with the times, or all of the above???

Adam and Dave are back again. Just got tickets to the screening of their latest Festival short film “TRUE LOVE” which screens this Friday night before “CITIZEN DUANE” at the Paramont (and again Sunday afternoon).

There are so many great films to see from the past and present. Great to see that there are even some classic NFB pics like Norman McLlaren’s Neighbours among others.

Don’t miss out. This may be the first and only place you will see some of these films from here and around the world!!!

Get Rad Thursday Night


Go to ADRIFT skateshop tomorrow and catch a great photo reception. Pics by Andrew Norton and Arkan Zakharov are featured in “GET RAD”.

Check out this spotlight on these local photographer’s work. You might even see some familar faces on the wall or at the shop…

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