Not an Average Weekend

With the first day of Fall upon us and the dreary weather I was hoping to have a relaxing time in this weekend. Friday was too bizarre.

I was just tooling around on my computer, got word that there was a homicide in my friend’s building, in the stairwell a flight of stairs down from his place. Creepy. Quite a eerie call to get in the evening before bed… My sister and brother in law stopped by a short time later to crash. Crash indeed. They arrived and my garage door gradually fall apart right after they parked their bikes inside it. NOT a fun thing to deal with around midnight. The “entertainment” continued as bro-inlaw and I tried to minimize the damage and bring a “soft landing” to the untamed beast of a door. Must have been really captivating as an elderly gentleman who had strayed from his home decided to stop and watch. I spent the next hour trying to get him home and ended up calling the authorites to help the poor guy. He didn’t know where he was, had no shoes, or jacket on this dark damp night. I suspect he “sprung” from one of the senior residences in the area but which one??? I ended up warming him up in my car in my driveway. The cop was helpful though perplexed by the garage door and turn of events my new old friend. At least the elder gentlemen was calm enough about his situation and everyone called it a night leaving the bizzarre scene.

The worst part to of all this. Fixing the damn garage Saturday morning. Extortion techniques!!! Brother in law call a company, that for now will go unnamed, who quoted one price arrived to substantially charge more for “PARTS” (the wheels for the garage door). There was nothing wrong with the originals. When asked why we were charged $300-$400 for parts they showed us that “the old wheels” (not even the wheels from MY door but rusted ones from his pocket or truck) that “were garbage”??? Um, right! The BBB have been called. I’ve had enough excitement to deal with…

Heading to the ISIS show tonight to work off the aggression!!!

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