Metroblogging Umbrella

It started with a short turn. A short turn is when a bus turns earlier than it normally does and changes direction.

“Passengers, please be advised that this bus is short turning on…”

The driver had barely finished the sentence when my internal monologue chimed in.

“Who the hell turns there? No one turns there!” They usually turn near home.

The announcement meant a far walk home on a dark, cloudy day. I hoped the rain would start then and there and wear itself out by the time the bus got to its turn.

It did. Or so I thought.

I watched the rain hit the window of the bus. Then it stopped. Passengers got off and I observed the bus make its turn as I started my walk home. After ten minutes of fast walking, it started to pour.

There was about a hundred metres left on my journey. I thought I could make it. I thought wrong. The rain was pounding and the strong wind from the west didn’t help things.

“That building is always open,” I mused. I hurried in where another soul was seeking refuge from the unforgiving rain.

“I’ll give it ten minutes.”

Ten minutes later, “I’ll give it another ten minutes.” I couldn’t see my house, but if I moved five metres into the rain, I would.

The pour turned to a trickle and as a brave but soaked girl walked past me, I made my move.

As I got wetter and wetter, I wished for one thing: the now famous Metroblogging Umbrella. That’s what I’m going to call it and I am dedicating this post to the original poster who brought that little umbrella into existence.

And as for me? I got home. I was soaked but I was home.

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  1. Sarah (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 12:50 pm

    I got stuck in that storm yesterday too! It was about a 30 second walk from the college pub to my dorm and I was soaked. Like, literally through all my clothes…. I can’t imagine having to walk as far as you did! Glad you got home alright though :)

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