Roncesvalles Shiatsu Groove

They say a single hit may trigger addiction. No wait, I think they were talking about cocaine or heroin or something. But as far as I’m concerned, shiatsu is the smack of holistic healing. When I come down from my shiatsu high, I’m gonna want more.

I was feeling a little crumpled, and found myself submitting to spontaneous shiatsu today. The joint is called Otani Shiatsu Clinic, located on the west side of Roncesvalles just north of Queen. It’s a modest facility, but I wasn’t looking for glamour, I was looking for expertise…and that’s what I got. After an hour of Paul’s amazing acupressure, I felt restored and energized.

There was a resident cat in the clinic named Toonie. He was sleeping soundly in a plastic basket that was far too small for him…but he looked remarkably comfortable and centred. The most balanced cat I ever did see. I wonder if he gets feline shiatsu of some sort. I’ve heard of yoga for dogs (Doga), so why not shiatsu for cats (Chat-tsu)?

Clearly I’m still in some sort of shiatsu groove.

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  1. Stephen (unregistered) on July 26th, 2006 @ 5:42 pm

    I think you just might be…

    Sadly when I read these two words “Roncesvalles” and “hit” all I could think of was some accident involving the TTC.

    So, would you say you’re bouncing? And, in all seriousness, how long would you say the “effect” lasts?

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