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Hot Hot Heat

I can’t decide if what I am about to do is escaping the heat or driving right into it?

Even with the chance of thunder showers, today’s humidex rating is taking our high to 38 degrees… ugh. And my area of Scarborough suffered a power outage early this morning. A reminder if ever about the dangers of over consumption. Regardless of whether my decision will help or hurt with the heat I am off to Wasaga Beach. Long live the far away beach.

Anyone else trying to beat the heat?

And, is “humidex” even a real word?

Toronto Cooks

BBQ, Raw, Vegan, or ???

Want a resource to scope out new recipie ideas? A friend turned my on to one of the best spots in town. The Cookbook Store. Yes the “other guys” may have a section devoted to food but no one caters to your tastes better. TV Chefs? Health Conscious? Beer Guides and Drink Mixes? Vegetarian? All of the above and more!

The Cookbook Store
850 Yonge Street at Yorkville Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4W 2H1
2 short blocks North of Bloor on the SW corner
Open 7 days

Custom Bumper Stickers for Toronto

Feel free to add your own lines at the bottom.


I live in the Center of the Universe

I survived 2003: Blackout, SARS, West Nile Virus, Mad Cow Disease

I live on the Don Valley Parking Lot



I can’t possibly the only person to look at Metro‘s headline this morning and smile a happy smile. Which was immediately and inevitably followed by disappointment. Good juxtapositioning there, Metro.

On the plus side, Lance finally admitted what we all knew was true. Ricky Martin, you’re next.

I decided not to post today.

Why, you ask? Because Eric Kintz (Vice President, Global Marketing Strategy & Excellence, Hewlett-Packard Company) says I don’t have to:

But wait a second. I’m posting about not posting today, which means, in fact, that I AM posting today. Quel conundrum. Not quite enough to make my brain hurt, but close.

Rawkin the Spot for Blocks and Blocks

Got to love Blocks Recording Club. Spot on artists like Deep Dark United and Final Fantasy. Just got word that two artists from the label are playing a Cancer Benefit Tonight!!!

Final Fantasy and Ninja High School are playing at The Boat tonight.


Cancer benefit w/ Final Fantasy, Ninja High School, Pyramid Culture, The Good Ideas.
Thu., July 27, The Boat – 158 Augusta

The Legend of Zanta

Don’t know if you have ever seen the living legend “ZANTA” on the streets of Toronto. On occasion I’ve caught him flexing near Dundas Square or busting out bare fisted power push ups on the GO Train platform at Union station. YES! YES! YES! (or Oh No! No! No!, I feel so uncomfortable).

Love him or leave him he’s now set infect the web…



What is this thing? I can’t find a name of the park it sits in nor a descriptive plaque. You can walk inside though and it is fairly interesting. I have visited it about 4 times now, but always during the night. This was the first time I was able to take decent enough pictures to be able to ask this. Someone has to have some information on this right? It’s just off of Harbour Sq. which is in turn just south of where York St ends past the Queens Quay W.

Here’s another shot of it from the side.

Roncesvalles Shiatsu Groove

They say a single hit may trigger addiction. No wait, I think they were talking about cocaine or heroin or something. But as far as I’m concerned, shiatsu is the smack of holistic healing. When I come down from my shiatsu high, I’m gonna want more.

I was feeling a little crumpled, and found myself submitting to spontaneous shiatsu today. The joint is called Otani Shiatsu Clinic, located on the west side of Roncesvalles just north of Queen. It’s a modest facility, but I wasn’t looking for glamour, I was looking for expertise…and that’s what I got. After an hour of Paul’s amazing acupressure, I felt restored and energized.

There was a resident cat in the clinic named Toonie. He was sleeping soundly in a plastic basket that was far too small for him…but he looked remarkably comfortable and centred. The most balanced cat I ever did see. I wonder if he gets feline shiatsu of some sort. I’ve heard of yoga for dogs (Doga), so why not shiatsu for cats (Chat-tsu)?

Clearly I’m still in some sort of shiatsu groove.

Vietnamese Summer Festival

Screw work. I’m going to post something. Blogging is like crack, I need my fix.

I just found out about this today, and it’s only 4 days away!

Vietnamese Summer Festival

Saturday, July 29, 2006, 12-10pm

Toronto City Hall, (416) 338-0338

100 Queen St. W.

Best of all, it’s FREE!

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