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Monthly Pass tax rebate information


According to today’s Metro newspaper the following goes into effect for the month of July.

If you purchase a TTC Metropass or GO / Mississauga Transit monthly pass any month from July til the end of the tax year you will get a 15.25% tax credit.

If you wish to be able to claim this credit for your taxes it is recommended to keep the pass itself plus a receipt. Now, I have never before asked for or known I could get a receipt for these passes, but now you can bet I won’t forget to ask for one!

(Just like how I didn’t know that at certain TTC subway stations, you could use your Interac card to pay for them.)

One more item they pointed out is that the tax credit is transferable, much like education expenses amounts.

Not that this item was without controversy. Dale Mugford’s user diary over at Progressive Bloggers from Aug 5, 2005 read

Who’s going to trade in their new SUV or hummer because suddenly they are enlightened about environmental damage and are spurred to such enlightenment hearing about saving the cost of three weeks worth of gas at the pumps in tax-cuts if they switch to public transit? The answer is no one. The cuts are to grab votes in an area of the country where Conservatives do piss-poorly.

A survey that banks on our reputation

Toronto is known for, and wants to be known for it’s multiculturalism. This has been proudly on display, (for the most part without a hint of disparage for our now-home country) during this World Cup season.

With that in mind, I’m asking Torontonians and our visitors about Street Meat. Here in Toronto, and I am assuming most of Canada, it’s hot dogs or sausages. What about in your area or in other areas of the world?

ie. What is the street vendor food in Australia? And how about every other country we know of?

Thanks for participating in this little survey!

Where in Toronto? #14

Although there are two very big hints in this picture, this was the first time I had seen this building before. Where exactly is it?

Green P


Somehow i’ve never really had any major problems for parking outside the downtown core. Though even downtown is getting a lot easier to park in. I never realized how much I take for granted the green P parking meter’s though until I recently visited Buffalo and realized I didn’t have any US change (quarters only) on me. I realize that we’re using up significantly more paper but I’d much rather have that than and have the parking meter’s take plastic, than having to worry about carrying change around with me.

Toronto Night Market 2006

Presented by Power Unit, the Youth Affiliate of the Dove Intercultural Society: Toronto Night Market 2006.

Open Market: July 8, 2006, 1pm – 7pm

Night Market: July 7-8, 2006, 7pm – 1am

3636 Steeles Ave East, Metro Square Parking Lot

Over 50,000 people are expected to attend.

Details at

Thanks to Frankie Hung for this news!

Taste of the Summer


Sidewalk street eats are always nice. I’ve never been a fan of “street meat” though. I don’t play the lottery often either. Coincidence…LoL

TORONTO: Where’s your favourite street vendor located and what is the best thing they serve?

Toronto Blue Jays on a Roll

The Blue Jays sweep another series! Although it’s only their second series sweep this season, it’s still an encouraging sign from my favourite Toronto team.

Their victims today were the Montreal Expos, err, the Washington Nationals.

Read the wrapup of their third game with the Expos, err, Nationals.

Halladay was good (not great but he’s now 10-2, 3.22 ERA) and the offense turned it on. His 10 wins ties him with 5 other guys for 2nd in the Majors.

BJ Ryan proves those TTC ads right:

Beginning. Middle. Ryan.

He’s got an ERA of 0.47 (second only to Chisox’s Papelbon’s 0.46. Damn!), is 21 for 22 in saves and is on pace for 41 saves this season.

The Jays are now 44-34, and are 5 games behind Boston in the AL East. The good news is they’re only 2 loses behind the Yankees. Damn Yankees!

And you gotta love that A.J. is back.

Holiday Dollars

According to a CBC article recently Canadians appear to be choosing more and more to take CANADIAN holidays. Ontario and Quebec are the top choices (BC is close behind). Should be good news for post SARS Toronto.

Fuel costs have hit everyone pretty hard especially those involved with air travel. All the major airlines have been pumping up rates lately. No wonder more people are taking road trips to the cottage, Ottawa, Montreal, or around town.

Whether you walk, bike, drive or skateboard It’s a great time to rediscover your backyard.

Events (These Ones >>)

I just noticed this a few days ago on this, our dear metblog, and I have to see that it is the coolest. Upcoming events for the City of Toronto? How neat is that? It’s so sham!

Check for more events coming up in Toronto or whatever city you desire @

Just thought I’d share my thoughts on this one. I now return you to your regular programming.

Metroblogging Montréal

Our sister city is great.

Let me tell you why I find her blog interesting.

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