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TTC Refund details


I saw this on the TTC website and wanted to pass it along. Just in case they move the link or it dissapears I saved this file and uploaded it rather than linking it. Enjoy your hard earned $4.00…

Hail the Wind

City of Toronto
11:11 AM EDT Wednesday 31 May 2006
Severe thunderstorm watch for
City of Toronto continued

Localized severe thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and evening.

This is an alert to the potential development of severe thunderstorms with large hail and damaging winds.

Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements. If threatening weather approaches take immediate safety precautions.

Hot and humid conditions over southern Ontario are favourable for thunderstorms to develop. Some of these thunderstorms are capable to produce torrential downpours and large hail. These severe thunderstorms will be isolated. Many locales even within the watch area will not be affected.

Courtesy Environment Canada

City 47

Please welcome Hyderabad, India, the fourth Indian city on Hyderabad is the 47th city on the network and we are proud to have them here. Hyderabad is the fifth largest Indian city, the capital city of the Andra Pradesh province and hosts close to 6 million people, but heck, why am I telling you all this, go read about them for yourself.

Whining of a City Boy

well this was the may two-four long weekend. i had no particular plans and it seemed as if it would end up just an ordinary weekend. friday night was awesome and ended up going to watch steven wright at the Elgin. he is one funny man and i think mumbles more than bob dylan. heh. saturday i caught up on my battlestar galactica season 2 viewing and a friend kindly invited us over to watch planes take off and land at the airport. weird enough as that was, i headed over with my wife and went to his place where we met up with a few other friends.

TTC Strike – The Better Way

The TTC went on strike today. The repercussions were not fun. Traffic was choked. 800 workers striked for better working conditions. Close to 800,000 commuters were stranded looking for other ways of getting into work. After 12 hours approximately the workers have been ordered back to work by court order. Economic losses would be interesting, to both offices in Toronto and to the TTC itself. Weirdly enough, both UToronto and Ryerson were operating as per normal. Luckily, being a Mississauga resident I wasn’t too affected by this. People having to walk to work ended up having to deal with a Humidex factor of close to 42C. Simultaneously, we had a smog alert day. I wonder how many people with breathing and health issues ended up at their doctors because of the TTC, today. The TTC Website has some rather amusing updates.

Cedar Fair Canada’s Wonderland?

Paramount Canada’s Wonderland was sold for $1.24 billion (US) this past Monday.

According to the Cedar Fair website, the change in ownership should come within the 3rd Quarter of 2006.

There is an interesting discussion of this issue going on at the Urban Toronto Forums about when to expect changes and what goes into changes at our park.

For me, I bought a seasons pass this year with my fiancé for the first time in probably 10+ years. I would love to see some positive changes come to this park!

Doors Open This Weekend

Here’s your chance to learn about our City’s spaces! This coming weekend (May 27th-28th) is the annual DOORS OPEN, a city wide event allowing a chance to preview one of over 140 buildings. Best of all it’s FREE.

The CARLU, Mackenzie House, Don Valley Brickworks, and so many more… So many sites so little time! (Most public viewing times are from 10am to 4pm – last admitance is usually about 3:30pm). Remember if you miss this weekend you won’t have a chance to tour some of these buildings until next year!!!

Gum Blondes

This man, local from toronto, makes art from chewing gum. it’s brilliant. how cool are these images. each image is 100% chewing gum. as explained on his site.


Each Gum Blonde is 100% chewed bubblegum on a plywood backing. No paint or dye is used. The colour is inherent to the gum – the mixing of colour takes place inside the mouth during chewing using an endless variety of flavours made by an endless variety of companies. Kronenwald has a dedicated team of chewers and prefers the texture of Trident. However, he does not chew gum himself unless he must.

He also blogs here.

It finally happened near me

I have been missing for about two weeks as I was pretty busy. I just recently moved back to Scarborough, (from East York) and only had my Internet setup yesterday evening.

Just after sunset last night, when it actually starts to look dark out, I noticed 4 or 5 police cars race out of 41 division headquarters. Thinking that constant sirens would be a thing I might have to get used to I turned on the TV only to hear of a shooting that just occurred not even a half block away from my building.




The city is green, steepled and calm,
words strung like beads worn close
to the skin to count and recount and
the nearest we get to heaven today
is in seeing a distant osprey
lift its wings, prepare for passage,
bear all the weight of our imagining.

Charmaine Cadeau [As usual off the TO subway. I took the photograph from the Observatory at the Canada Life Building],

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