Preggars and TTC

I was on jury duty all of last week and found myself, once again, using the convenience of the TTC for my daily commute.

Honestly, I’m extremely glad we have the TTC – it does make toting back and fro to the downtown district much easier.

However, coincidentally, I read an article by the Toronto Star regarding what it is like, these days, to commute via the TTC and being pregnant.

I was simply angry to learn how many people do not give up their seat when they see a pregnant woman. Even one that is near her due date and looks to be bursting at the seams. The article basically said that some pregnant women even have to race to find a seat.

Then again, I”m not completely surprised. When I was pregant a couple of years of go, I almost got knocked down the stairs by people behind me that were obviously frustrated and pissed off that they were stuck behind a waddling pregnant woman.

I was 7-8 months pregnant. Waddling and being slower is natural. It’s what pregnancy does to a woman’s body. After all, we are not only carrying a baby in us, but everything that goes with it… think about it. On average, we carry an extra 25 lbs. 7-8 lbs would be from the baby, but there is the placenta, the extra blood units, the fluids… and the natural increase of body fat.

All this, around our mid-area… our centre of gravity has completely changed.

It does, however, seem that more women are understanding of others that are pregnant. I suppose because either they’ve been through it themselves or they know one day they may very well be such a position. And it’s scary… all of the sudden, one’s natural ability to find one’s balance is thrown off. There are aches and pains in areas where we never even knew existed. And we truly feel like we are bursting at the seams.

I haven’t been a daily TTC commuter for awhile before this recent week. The last time I took it religiously was ten years ago while I was still a university student. And back then, it always seemed that any pregnant woman, senior, or those using a cane/crutches, would surely get a seat. I know I was always quick to offer my seat anytime I saw some one who needed it more.

I’m pretty disgusted that things have gone downhill in regards to general politeness and manners in the public.

And to the man who rudely almost knocked me down the stairs when I was pregnant, hopefully he’s reading this right now. As he should be ashamed for being such a jackass.

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