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John Sewell Speaks

Catch John Sewell at the Gladstone Ballroom tonight. ( Wow. I guess the Gladstone is becoming my new favourite venue…LoL). Anyone interested in the issues that mean a lot to most to most Torontonians should check this speech or at least his record at elevating Toronto’s quality of life.

Four lectures by JOHN SEWELL Tonight: Today’s Glorious 905, and the Way Ahead

The Gladstone Ballroom
7pm – 8:30pm

The Spirit of Cuba Lives in Toronto

Had the pleasure of catching my first Casa de la Musica last night at the Gladstone Hotel. WoW!!! I’m still in awe of what I witnessed!

Basically Casa de la Musica brings the dance, food, and music of Cuba to the Gladstone every other Sunday. Just $10 cover and those who show up early get a free dance lesson from Sarita. If you worked up an appetite after the lesson or after dancing you could purchase a plate of rice, pork, plantains and salad ($10). Soooo good!!! The highlight for me was the MUSIC!!!

It’s always nice to see music played live. Casa de la Musica always features a solid live band. I had heard about the high level of talent that usually plays the events and was not disappointed. This week’s feature was Robelcys & Black Market. I was blown away. Of course the dance floor was a blaze evenly matching the energy on stage (I’m sure the dance lessons came in handy). DJ Vladimir and DJ Billy Byrans kept the rhythms rolling in between the band’s sets.

The best thing I found about the evening was that it brought out singles and couples of all ages and of course everyone had a great time. I’m definitely going to catch up with Casa de la Musica when it returns to the Gladstone in a couple of Sundays. I very much recommend this Sunday night tradition!!!

Casa de la Musica
The Gladstone Hotel.
1214 Queen Street W. @ Dufferin.
7:00pm-10:00pm. Cvr. $10.

7:30-8:30pm Lesson w/ Sarita

NKOTB – 43!

Well guys, the home of country music, is on the grid of Metroblogging. Nashville, Tennessee just came on aboard. Visit them and drop a note welcoming. The network keeps on growing. Amazing.


The Bitter Way

Via Cory

The Toronto Transit Commission has followed the stupidity of Transport for London by sending a spurious trademark threat to a blogger who made an hilarious anagram remix of the stations on its classic map.
I grew up riding the TTC, and the map is burned into my subconscious. It’s part of every Torontonian’s experience of the city, a part of the cultural fabric. Culture gets remixed — that’s what happens with it. Trademark is supposed to protect rightsholders from competitors who use their marks to confuse the public in the course of commerce. No one who saw RobotJohnny’s genius map would have confused it for a second with a real TTC map and sent him a subway token. The TTC’s legal bullying here is completely needless — they face no risk and no loss from letting their riders make turn the map into their own personal remix.


Torontonians go to bat for the TTC all the time, shouting at the province and the feds to beef up funding. We’ve put up with the disruption of the Sheppard Subway, we’ve lived through the years when they couldn’t even get the platform clocks to work. Where the hell do they get off wasting legal fees threatening bloggers for producing noncommercial humourous, harmless remixes?

Inept Disguising

As we are all aware, Toronto happens to be used for the vast majority of film shoots in North America, or at least was until awhile ago. Low prices and less crowds would be some of the reasons for it’s popularity in this sphere. Eitherways the Serial Diners gave their take on the movie awards and I found the following category most amusing:

The Short Circuit 2 Award for Most Inept Disguising of Toronto: The Man

Although I suppose I should have expected it with Eugene Levy in it. On top of that the title for the award is a riot.

Doomsday or a New Beginning?

Today could mark the end of an era for one of Canada’s longest running corporations. The offer from Jerry Zucker expires today at 5pm… What will happen??? Will Zellers become TARGET??? Will there be a real estate bonanza with land sales galore… One can only wonder whether its a BODY CHECK or another piece in the puzzle?.

No matter how mismanaged HBC / Zellers has been over the last few years it’s going to be sad to lose yet another Canadian retailer…

TTC Anagrams


After seeing Boing Boing’s post about Transport for London’s nastygramming of the Tube map that substituted all the station names for anagrams, Robot Johnny produced an inspired version that remixes the Toronto Transit Commission’s subway map with anagrammed station-names.

(see also: the TTC station name pun war from a while back)

The New “Macs”

Well news of the Intel based Apple computers has been out for awhile. My sister suprised me and said that she was going to “cross over”. Should be interesting to see the thing. The 1st Mac/Intel laptops are not in stores yet so hers is “in the mail”. Don’t think they’re going to be too scary for Windows folks since you’ll be able to run XP (if you so desired) natively on the machine. Hmm… I have a G4 at home and need VPC software to “fool” Windows into running. Pretty interesting. I bet even more people will start “switching”.

Not too keen on these MacBook Pro’s or the iMac machines though. I almost feel like poking the “HAL” like built in camera they both sport. NOT COOL. I guess “spy tech” is built into so many things these days with many cars coming standard with a GPS. I guess in a few weeks I’ll see what the hype’s about…spycam and all…


Notice something new on the Metblog? The entire Metroblogging Empire has been completely revamped, so there is lots of new stuff to check out. Big, huge thanks go out to Sean Bonner and Jason Defillippo for all their tireless work on this. You can see that at the bottom of each entry is a new set of little icons, each of which has a cool purpose. Some you’re familiar with (IM, Email, Comments), and some of them are new (Technorati Cosmos, Tags, Categories, and a new Options menu.) but it’s still the same great Metroblog.

Be sure to check out the very cool options list, especially if you’re fond of services like or Digg or many of the other great link aggregation services.

Check out the official Bode Media Inc. announcement here.

(A lot of this post was shamelessly stolen from NYC Metblogs)
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Cool Runnings

Jamaican man watches Cool Runnings, moves to Canada, wins silver medal in bobsled

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