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A Minority is NOT a Mandate

I know, I know… a topic near saturation but if it wasn’t so important I wouldn’t be thinking/writing about it.

I tend to have quite a different slant on the result compared to the press. For all of the polls showing a Conservative MAJORITY??? Ooops. Well I never trust polls anyways, a thousand or two thousand person poll is hardly a template for an election outcome. A window to the future perhaps but like a weather report, wrong as much of time that it’s right.

Looks to me that while the Population was disappointed with a few Liberals but much of Canada voted the SAME? Suprisingly the Liberals have more seats than the merged Conservatives that preceded them. The majority of Canadians still don’t have very conservative views (about 40% of the seats went to Conservatives and more than 40% went to more centric parties – simple math 42% Liberal+NDP and not incl Bloc.) That’s proof positive that there is no “mandate”.

The people have spoken. A minority government that wants to get anything done will need to attend to the issues at hand. Disagreements in the house should be on issues, not just to tear down the government AGAIN. The NDP were quite savy the last go round at forming consensus and it looks like they are key players once again. If the Conservatives are to truly treading on a more righteous path (not doing/saying anything to tear down the government and feed a hunger for power) they’ll have to bridge the nation. They’ll have to show that they respect the values of Canadians. If not they’ll face the same fate they brought on the Liberals. Let’s hope that the bickering is over and that the REAL change is that WHOLE government is more representative of the people, whatever colour or party flavour sits in it.

Where in Toronto? #11

This building has been dubbed “The Mystery Building” by a friend of mine years back. This picture was taken around end of summer last year. This building has sat around for years and still it sits as basically nothing. Unfinished and unloved except perhaps by my friend. I would love if anyone had any information they could share on this building as well.

How right you are!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen.

Canada has just taken a right turn.

And so it goes….

Sigh. As one headline read today in the star. “I now can fully empathize with Americans who did not vote for Bush. I am truly mortified that Stephen Harper will be our prime minister.”

I Vote

So I did it.

I admit, for the first time in a loooong time, I almost bailed. After a tiring day and my constant back and forth decision of who I was going to vote for, I actually sat there in the living room contemplating whether or not I wanted to even bother.

But my husband reminded me, “It’s only a minute away and the process won’t take long at all.”

“Okay,” was my only reply. I suppose it was more the thought of dragging a toddler with us… and the fact that she may only find it exciting if she is able to run from booth to booth, yelling ‘peek-a-boo! to whoever was behind it, voting.

He was right though. It didn’t take long at all as we were there at the end of the day and hardly anyone was there. Or… was that not a good sign? Was that a sign that yet again, we have a small percentage of Canadians voting? Oh dear…

After each election, I always feel a sense of accomplishment. I suppose because after talking to friends who just came from China not longer then a year or so ago, they asked to accompany us just so they can see what it’s all about.

I warned them, “Really? Well, sure but it’s not very exciting.”

But you see, to them it was. Because from a communist country, they don’t really get to vote. Well, there’s an election… with one out-come, really. So as my friend put it, it’s sort of a ‘pretend’ election.

We’re damn lucky. To live in such a country where we have the privilege to vote.

Another thing I noticed… those that were volunteering there… all different ethnic/cultural backgrounds. A sign of how Canada embraces multi-culturalism.

Oh Canada… you kick ass.

Election Day!

Get out and vote!

Now having said that, Election Prediction has called the following results as of 11pm last night for Canada’s Federal Election:

* Liberals : 104 seats
* Conservatives : 118 seats
* NDP : 29 seats
* Bloc : 56 seats
* Other : 1 seat (in Quebec)

For Toronto itself the site calls the Liberals as winners in every riding but two. ‘Toronto-Danforth’ and ‘Trinity-Spadina’ which they call for the NDP.

Where in Toronto #10


The view from my apartment building. What major intersection am I looking towards or where am I? Perhaps hard but the name you can see should make it easier.

I call this: ‘Toronto Burning’

ps. The picture is blurry but I didn’t want to make it too easy…

Natalie Schonfeld’s Exhibition: Perceptions of Light


What: Natalie Schonfeld’s Exhibition: Perceptions of Light
Where: La Galarie at the Alliance Francaise, Toronto
When: January 19th to February 23rd 2006
Cost: Free

I checked out the exhibition a couple of days ago during a break from French class. Found it quite interesting. There was a section of the exhibit which focused on a side by side comparasion of images viewable in 20/20 vision and under the influence of various eye related issues such as bifocalism, myopia etc. The fact that my vision hasn’t exactly been stellar for the majority of my life ( -5 ) probably had something to do with my being drawn to it. It is fairly cheerful despite the underlying theme and the artist has provided descriptions in Braille alongside the English and French. If you happen to be passing by the Bloor/Spadina area, you might want to check this out.

Vote by Issue

Yet another post on the ongoing election. I’ve been trying to determine who to vote for but like many other people out there feel I’m not politically educated enough. Sure, there are many people out there who try to educate me but obviously they all have their own agendas. Eitherways I came across Vote By Issue, a short quiz put together by Canada Votes 2006. According to my result I seem to be pro NDP. Liberals came in second. However wouldn’t suggest people decide on their choice on this alone. Best to have actually seen the All-Candidate Forums and read up on issues.

Broken Scene…

Need somewhat of a drastraction post work and pre-election…

Thinking of BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE. They play tonight at Kool Haus (132 Queens Quay E – $25). The “dynamic” band is very interesting live but my couch at home might be oh too comfortable… I could always go to the Saturday show… LoL

Have a safe weekend out there and remember to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE (only once of course) come Monday ! ! !

The Best Defence is No Offence

I was in awe today at how choppy markets were. The release of the alledged “Bin Laden” tape had quite an effect!!! The so called war on terror was wreaking havoc on the TSE and all world markets.

With talk of our military filling in the gaps left by other countries now exiting Afganistan, Canada’s role doesn’t get any easier. I find the timing of that news a little suspect (the troops are due to leave shortly after the election) but perhaps it was done with keeping it “off the table”.

We do have much to be proud of as far as Canada’s military role as “PEACEKEEPERS”. Just hoping that legacy can be maintained. I agree that those that support more $ for military IF and ONLY IF it is used for relief and peacekeeping efforts. One only has to look south to see the price of making more enemies. Let’s hope who ever does become our government uses their power wisely. The acts of Bin Laden and his followers are apprensible. Hoping Canada will try to walk on firmer higher ground than escalate the costly downward path…

IRAQ WAR – US$234 Billion and counting (not to mention 1,000’s of US of personel and over an estimated million Iraqi’s lives lost – though no counts are formally kept on civilian/Iraq casulties)

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