mother nature confused

okay so this weather really has to make up its mind. either its winter or it’s spring. it can’t keep switching back and forth from one week to the next. it’s driving me nuts. on saturday i was roaming around wearing flip flops and a tshirt! the ski resorts are bawling their eyes out in the meantime to a completely lost season and most likely calling in bankruptcy.

i for one look forward to the winter only because it gives you more of a reason to look forward to the summer. this mild weather is really beginning to bother me. mother nature really needs to figure her shit out. anybody go to winterlicious? how sad it must be to celebrate winter when it’s 14 degrees outside!

anyone else as upset? feel free to rant below.

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  1. Stephen (unregistered) on January 31st, 2006 @ 11:24 am

    I didn’t make it to Winterlicious but I still did happen to go outside this month!

    In November I needed two coats on, (my heavy winter coat) it was snowing, I saw kids make snow forts etc. Then December came and it was off and on, we did have some snow on the 25th (woo hoo I guess) but not much else.

    (Though the 31st was freezing – I do remember that. Watching those really SMART people dressed in nothing and with no coat on standing in line for over an hour. – hmm maybe I am ranting)

    Ok, then we hit January..where it is just RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN.


    If you take public transit, a rainy day is the worst.. it can get humid on those buses let me tell you.

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