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Mind your left

Rule #1: Do not under any circumstances take Bay St. south around the time a concert ends at the ACC. Around 11 p.m. on weeknights. It is completely transformed into a pick up lane and no one seems to mind except someone like me who actually needs to get somewhere. There is also the offchance that the concert happens to be Bon Jovi and you will have to suffer through a slaughter of every song by a horde of teenagers who know of no singing other than offkey.

Then ofcourse there is also the possibilty you will end up taking a shortcut to avoid the lineup to the QEW post concert. The shortcut may involve having to take Queens Quay, Bathurst and then taking a left turn on Lakeshore. Following is an aerial view of this particular instersection via Google Earth:


Now also imagine it is raining like mad, your windshield is fogged up and there are two TTC Streetcars vying for first dibs to make a right when coming south. You get the picture?

On a side note, Starbucks did away with Chantico a couple of days back. I’m am now going to be cold all winter. Very very sad.

mother nature confused

okay so this weather really has to make up its mind. either its winter or it’s spring. it can’t keep switching back and forth from one week to the next. it’s driving me nuts. on saturday i was roaming around wearing flip flops and a tshirt! the ski resorts are bawling their eyes out in the meantime to a completely lost season and most likely calling in bankruptcy.

i for one look forward to the winter only because it gives you more of a reason to look forward to the summer. this mild weather is really beginning to bother me. mother nature really needs to figure her shit out. anybody go to winterlicious? how sad it must be to celebrate winter when it’s 14 degrees outside!

anyone else as upset? feel free to rant below.

Breaking up a Weekend Workday

Almost cursing myself but I took a MAJOR break from work this afternoon.

Break? Well yes… I had the “pleasure” of coming into to the office on a SUNDAY!!! Well I went out for lunch, movie and dinner before returning. It was tough going back but I felt better for actually getting to see friends and family. The sad thing was I was not alone when I returned from dinner (others had been chained to their desks the WHOLE time). Felt sorry for them even though we were working on totally unrelated items. Hopefully they went home to their loved ones for some quality time. A painful reality in the lean and mean finance department I guess.

Well saw what was my third movie released in 2005… CAPOTE. (Memoirs of a Geisha and Goodnight and Goodluck were my others – I recommend all as WORTH SEEING!!!) Anyways Phillp Seymore Hoffman is amazing. Hoping he at least gets a nomination for his performance. It made my midday escape all the better! Working on a 9 hr day on a cold rainy Sunday…Naahhh 4 hours is way more civilized…LoL

Where in Toronto # 12 ?

This one should be pretty easy if you’ve walked around in the downtown area enough. Click to enlarge.

Body Worlds 2 – last month

Don’t miss Dr. Gunther Von Hagens’ ‘Body Worlds 2: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies’ which is showing at the Ontario Science Centre from now until Feb 26th.

The bodies are plastinated, which is defined as “a unique process invented by Dr. Gunther von Hagens to preserve specimens for medical education. The process replaces water in the body’s tissues with fluid plastics that harden after vacuum-forced impregnation. Hardening the plastic in the specimens allows the bodies to be fixed into life-like poses, which illustrate how our bodies respond, internally, to movements in everyday and athletic activities.”

The purpose of this exhibition is “to educate the public about the inner workings of the human body and show the effects of poor health, good health and lifestyle choices. It is also presented in the hopes that it will stimulate curiosity about the science of anatomy.”

I am planning on attending sometime in the next 2 weeks.

RIAA and Canada

So in light of Nettwerk, a giant Canadian music-management company, that sued the RIAA and has agreed to cover the costs of defending a 15-year-old accused file-sharer in a lawsuit brought by the RIAA, I thought I’d post something by one of my favourite Toronto bands.

The Cowboy Junkies are one of those bands that you gotta love.

The Internet Archive has ALL their music archived for free, personal use and grants you full access for distribution.

This is their policy as stated on,

Cowboy Junkies has the following taping and trading policy:

On February 7, 2003, CJ gave permission for shows to be hosted at the Archive:

In response to our description, we heard:

Hello Diana:

Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you on this.

Please accept this e-mail as proof that we approve of whatever we’re supposed
to approve of in regards to taping and trading of live shows.

Best regards,
Blair Woods

Cowboy Junkies Office

Timmins and her ilk propose now is the indiscriminate prosecution of people who engage in the twenty-first century’s equivalent of tape-trading: file-sharing. Having made herself rich and famous by using low-cost copying technology and fan-evangelism, Timmins proposes to help make laws that will prevent other bands from doing the same.

The official Cowboy Junkies website also hosts a forum specifically *for* trading bootlegs.

History sold out

The Canadian Citizenship test preperation requires one to be aware that The Hudson Bay Company is the oldest chartered company in the world and automatically Canada’s oldest company. Being an immigrant I have a tendency to automatically think of the company when bringing to mind all things Canadian. One tends to picture the regal buildings along Yonge St., the eye-catching displays (Of which the display for the current Harry Potter book is one of my favourites) and so on. So the whole process of a possible auctioning off of the company was quite an anxiety ridden time. Unfortunately though, it came through yesterday. Hudson Bay is now officially owned by an American. He seems to have some pretty good ideas for revival, but there is still the off chance it could be dissolved completely. Quite depressing.

Lord of the Rings… a musical?

I suppose if they can make Lestat the Vampire a musical, they could do the same with hobbits, elves and…. well, I suppose Gandalf as well. Though I find it very difficult to image Legolas and Aragon singing and dancing around. The hobbits maybe…

Last I checked, I felt the prices were a bit over the top for me. Aside from the very back two/three rows that is. So if you are interested, be prepared to pay $94.00 to $125.00 for mid to high range tickets.

The Next Great Prime Minister

Apparently reality shows don’t spare any profession. Received the following in the mail today:

Think the next generation has what it takes to Canada’s next Prime-Minister?

We invite you to come find out on January 30th, when CTV and Magna put five up-and-coming political hopefuls to the test. Four former prime ministers, Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, John Turner and Joe Clark will be the judges of CTV’s Who Will be Canada’s net Prime-Minister.

It’s reality television with a political twist and we’d like to invite you to be a part of our audience. Tickets are FREE the show starts at 6pm. To reserve your seating, for this event taking place at the John Bassett Theatre please call 416.355-3894 or e-mail by Wednesday January 25th.

Based on the “As Prime Minister” essay-writing contest, established by Magna Chairman Frank Stronach in 1995 — this is a twist on the competition with big prizes to be won. At stake? $50, 000 for the top winner who debates and presents their platform the best.

Official Site


What is sure to be a great HC show…

Cancer Bats / To The Lions / Fever Out! / Whore For A Heart
Toronto – Sneaky Dee’s


get your RAWK on…

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