Sorry I’ve been out of the loop here on Toronto Metblogs… I’m hoping to end my hiatus soon.

Today’s drive home was quite the adventure. Who needs sky diving when one can get their thrill driving through a heavy snow fall?

One frustration I had… I was at the traffic lights and just as it’s about to turn green, I hear sirens. I turn my radio down just a tad to make sure it wasn’t from the radio itself, and then realize I was correct. In my side mirror, I could see the flashing lights of a firetrck in the distance.

The traffic lights turned green but I sat there, knowing that going into the intersection might very well black the firetruck who would need ANY space it could get. Especially on a day like today.

However, the car behind felt the need to honk at me, expecting me to listen to him instead of doing what was right.

I turned on my emergency signal and just sat there, not exactly sure if he was just clueless and not paying attention to the sirens or just a jerk that didn’t care.

Regardless of the weather, I think it’s still important to yield to any sirens. It could be a medical call. And perhaps the one on the receiving end is some one you know.

There’s no rush.

See it as a compassionate and good deed.

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