trouble with guns & youth

I was listening to someone on CBC Radio One reacting to the Prime Minister’s visit to the Jane & Finch neighborhood. Now I don’t live there, but I lived pretty close to it when I attended York U. There is usually talk about how “the community” this, and “the community” that, but the person being interviewed mentioned that there is still police profiling of black youth, that they are more likely to be questioned because of how they look, that more policing of the area is not the answer. I think that they need to still tackle head-on this problem of the police profiling and harassing people on the basis of how they look. I heard another person (I forget where from) make a point that when a young person tries to apply for a job, that if they are from particular neighborhoods, they are likely to not get the job. If that is true, that needs to be publicized and looked into.

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  1. Stephen Jacobs (unregistered) on December 11th, 2005 @ 12:39 pm

    Today on Global they were debating from I think East Beaches? Regardless, the main point the NDP kept bringing up is that the infrastructure of the Jane and Finch area needs to be built up now…this was one of her biggest points for that area which she says she lived in for 1 month talking to residents.

    Also, she said she heard time and time again that people don’t feel they will have any protection from police. That this is why they are scared to come forward at times.

    (Sorry I really don’t remember her name)

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